Another Underground Attack Caught On Video, Cops Looking For Suspects (VIDEO)

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Police are on the hunt for men related to an assault that happened on a train in New York City.  Just after 2 am on November 8, an argument between two men escalated into a beating.

The victim tries his best to push away a man who gets in his face, and another man jumps in to assault him.  After that, several men begin to kick and beat the victim as he falls on the floor.

“They keep on bothering him for no apparent reason,” Chastity Reyes said. “It’s  more and more crime and it’s happening every day.”

“I’m scared. I take the L train evey day that makes me feel a little too scared,” added Stella Lowder of Queens.

“Guy looks like he’s not messing for anybody and they’re just looking for a victim. It happens,” said Robert Flores of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Let’s hope that the police find out who committed his horrible crime and bring them to justice.


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  1. ways to avoid this:

    1. always be polite

    2. realize “to what end” concerning defending one’s “pride” can easily end in death (which makes it pretty hard to defend one’s pride)

    3. if your “pride” leads you to a physical altercation, never fall on the ground

    4. reconsider 1. and 2. the next time someone is “offends” you.

    luckily it appears no one got seriously injured here. though it looked brutal, it also looked like kid stuff. their fist didnt do any damage but the feet did. i dont think anyone should go to jail based on what i saw. seems like all four might require counciling though. as all four showed anger issues that pose a danger to anyone nearby. too bad the video doesnt show the complete escalation of events leading to the fight. since it doesnt, it would really be impossible to file any unbiased charges. based off of the video, the kid that got beat up was the first to assault the other and should be the overall guilty party. but im only a judge in my lala land court.

    • also im not saying defending one’s pride is not important, but with all of the things against us in this world you have to pick and choose your battles wisely. consider also, is the battle im picking going to cause me or anyone else to get intermediatly hurt? what about that poor woman that the kid elbowed? i didnt see her get offended and jump in. she chose wisely even though she was a victim. so many battles to choose from, be smart about it.

    • ‘getting in someone face’ aggressively is assault. the victem was not at faul, court of human respect

  2. Police should have apprehended this buffoon who gets his teeth kicked in; he pressed his hand in the face of a man who does not believe in the non-violent movement. In fact, he was defending himself in my opinion. The other guys, well, that’s another story.

  3. Sorry, I don’t feel sorry for the victim. He was bold enough to get into a war of words with men who were clearly aggressive and verbally abrasive. Well, the victim should be bold enough to take an ass whooping. Call me what me want, but I thought the video was hella funny.

  4. Just niggers being niggers.

    • no need to get racists about it just be yaself thats f#$%^ked up enough

  5. Punk dogs,got no respect for this gang up on 1 person shit miss the old days we use to call head-up 1on 1

  6. I am incredibly disturbed by the girls laughing and being unconcerned for the safety of the man. The one girl even says “Worldstar” so it’s apparent she enjoys the type of videos the site promotes. I was raised in the Bronx but thankful I do not live in New York City any more. Truthfully I hate going back to visit my parents. My own Black people are incredibly callous and unempathetic and quite frankly I am finding it increasingly hard to defend their behavior. It is not right and unfortunately very typical.

    • young sister it is a sign of the times. This is where our people forgot what they were subjected to in slavery times. WE HAVE BECOME NO BETTER THAN THE SLAVEMASTERS!

  7. Doesn’t appear that the ignoramuses even want to call the police. Idiots do that to women on public transit too. So, next time thing about 2-3 dudes smacking you around with no one trying to help you – yes, you, a female person, teenager, Mom, or elderly great-grandma. Happens everyday! Parents talk to your kids!

  8. Bind the devil, bind the devil. People keep forgetting we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and spiritual wickedness. He should have said ‘I plead the blood of Jesus, Satan I bind you in the name of Jesus.’ Fervently and this would not have happened, those punks would have been quiet and the end of that. I challenge anyone who thinks this is not truth!

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