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1)     Paid off the women who are now accusing him of sexual harassment and misconduct.  Men who insist on behaving badly must be prepared to highly compensate the women they’ve aggrieved.

When asked about whether the women who were alleging sexual harassment received compensation, Cain responded that he “he hoped it wasn’t much”. Obviously, it should’ve been a lot more. Three weeks’ salary, or whatever the Restaurant Association paid these women in hush money, wasn’t nearly enough to ensure their silence. That’s because three weeks’ salary is find another job money, not hush money. I’m sure Cain now wishes he’d ponied up. (It is suspected that the Restaurant Association paid more than the measly two or three months salary, but whatever it was, it wasn’t enough.)

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  1. God is awesome….
    When you try to go against God’s will these are the results you get Cain:, embarrassment, kick to the curb, disavowed and cast into hell…I’m amazed Cain that you should have known better because you are a minister….aren’t you??????…Did you repent ? Through God mercy & grace he will forgive you for those sins… but us humans will not easily forgive you especially those tea baggers your dear friends…………..Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess…..

    • Then the house should burn up. Knees are bowing now but not to God and we as the people are placing them there

  2. He needed to do only one thing, change his color to white….lololololol……

  3. Seeing what the stakes were Cain should have broke open the piggy bank on this one. Some times paying for silence to protect your image works. He should have gotten some advice from Bill Cosby. But even in Cosby’s case just like Tiger Woods they waited till AFTER they were exposed to cut deals with their accusers. There is a certain arrogance of rich powerful men who do these things. Even though the sexual allegations were reported in Cosby and Woods case the accusers took their money, went away and kept the lurid details out of the media. But this will not be the case for Herman Cain. All Herman Cain proves is you can be rich, successful and stupid at the same time.

    • Amazing isn’t it Cosby, Woods, and Cain are all Black. Do white men do the same thing? rich, successful stupid men normally commit sudicide when they are found out. So I wonder how many will be shooting themselves or hanging themselves before the election. White it’s alright, black knife in the front or back.

  4. c ain i dont kno about this dude keep obama there ,black gossip http://www.mediacheckout.net/

  5. You all should check out what rachel maddow had tosay about uncle ruckus
    Herman Cain Performance Art | Rachel Maddow Video

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