Tiki Barber Plans To Marry His Mistress Delayed Because He Refuses To Pay Wife in Divorce

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Tiki Barber and his fiancée, Traci Lynn Johnson, were set to marry next spring — but Barber’s bitter unresolved divorce with his estranged wife, Ginny, is delaying the wedding bells.Sources told us Barber and Johnson, who got engaged in August, had planned to wed in May at a private home in the Hamptons. But because Barber’s divorce isn’t yet settled, the wedding is now on hold.

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  1. I really don’t get it with men and “I am” a man, this guy is not yet divorced from his existing wife and now he is engaged with another woman. My understanding that Traci Lynn Johnson is 24 years old and Tiki Barber is 36 years old, does he actually thinks that she (Traci) is not star struck? I don’t want to cast any omens on their eventual marriage but this looks like another rendition of rich black athlete marries so-so white girl, gets pregnant, gets tired (marriage), gets divorced and GETS PAID! It would be something else if Tiki Barber had let the ink on his divorce papers dries first, but this guy hasn’t let the ink hit the paper yet. It reinforces the stereotype notion that most athletes are just dumbass brutes with a bird brain, I hope with the “delay” of their marriage he will re-consider his action and try to use the head on his shoulder rather than the “little one” between his legs.

    • Thank you for that…well said!!


    • And I thought that I was the only one. Kudos, brother…………It’s time to keep the money in the family.

  2. He doesn’t want to pay his wife, whom he cheated on and left while she was still pregnant? It doesn’t sound good to say, but I’m glad at least the wife was not black. Yes, I know, but that is usually the case. I say Tiki Barber is a self-hating piece of crap and Miss Honey-Thang will get the same treatment. Karma is a trip!

    • I agree totally! When are we going to WAKE UP? And I say “we” because we all feel the sting of our Black men going to the other side. I really don’t care what color a person is but when one gets into a relationship because a person is White and not because he or she truly loves him or her, it bothers me.

      • Who said he loves this new woman merely because she is white? We’ve got some serious stereotyping going on here. We are all “humans’; men and women. There is no “other side”……except for the racists that infiltrate our society. Judging individuals based on the color of their skin is wrong, Will this ever end?

        • If the fact that most blk men do go after what is of another color, just because it’s the latest trend, then it is what it is, and what it is Not, is stereotyping.

        • I agree, sick of that stupid sh!t, whiny black women loyal to black men, why does she care and why does it bother her? Some people need to get a life!

      • You need to speak for yourself whenever you say certain things…I for one do not and have NEVER felt any ‘stings’ over black men crossing over…especially since my husband is white. Stop speaking for all black women…

  3. Now what does that tell the side piece? Obvious this guy does not like himself and seeks some kind of out thee thing to lift himself, but at happens is he learns that something is missing and that thing does not feed his ego anymore, it’s time for an” upgrade”.

  4. Leave him alone…This is a Black man in love with his model type white woman. Let him live his fantasy till her finds another white woman.

  5. Tiki is only marrying his next ex-wife.

    • SAD but TRUE !

    • yes he is and let her go right ahead…she is very stupid. guys like this treat their mistress and misses the same way…i guess she think she will be different…

  6. o one but Tiki and his wife know the details of his marriage. The shade of his new woman’s skin should have nothing at all to do with his infidelity. Everything doesnt have to be about color. Love is a people thing, not a race issue.

    • But if you choose to seek out love with some one of another color, because of the other color, are the intentions, truly moivated by love ? Also, if LOVE is what they truly seek, why are they looking on the outside ( color ) to find it ? As far as his infidelity and the details about his marriage are concerned, is no ones business that’s a true statement. FYI love has never been a ” people ” THING. People love cats, dogs, cars, certain foods etc. etc. My point is we choose by choice, and more often by sight.

  7. Who cares? Why is this relevant news? Revelant to anything. Just another self-hating, misguided, immoral piss poor excuse of a man.

  8. Proof positive that older age does not mean more wisdom.

  9. His current love interest should take note of Tiki’s behavior towards his estranged wife for she is viewing what may well become her future reality. *smh*

    • This is a definite preview of what her marriage will be like…but of course she is all about getting the man from his wife…like i always say…be careful what you wish for…because the devil keeps his promises too…

      • Exactly! She could be green for all I cared. Simply put – he left his pregnant wife for her, got engaged to her BEFORE the divorce was final and went public about it. That immediately tells us three things: 1 – he doesn’t truly respect the sanctimony of marriage (if it does exist); 2 – he was still sleeping with his wife more than likely without protection when he was sleeping with his mistress thus putting them both at risk for pregnancy and disease (because lets face it, she’s prob not the first mistress or only) and 3 – he’s so cold about what he is doing to his estranged wife that he didnt even think enough of her feelings to keep the engagement quiet until after the ink was dry – even Brad and Angelina werent this mean.

        I don’t judge love at all, but I do pay attention to stats. What goes around…

  10. Black men r a lost cause and a joke (i mean some black men). All those millions of dollars that they risk their lives for in the sporting arena, and they give it right back to the white man via the white woman. All the while the white man is laughing at those dumb apes. All he has to do is trot another “becki” out for the black man to see, rub his hands together and just wait for the money to come back to the white community.
    Black men won’t come back home until black women stop straightening their hair!

  11. This Is so sad but , Tiki will reap what he sow . You can’t mistreat your wife and think that your life Is going to be peaches and cream . And rembember this Tiki if she cheated with you she will cheat on you .You will find out sooner than later you have lust for this young lady not love and remember she Is not be young forever.

  12. Another O. J. Simpson. He was never a Brother.

  13. I’ve read all these comments on black men but the for every rich man out there I’ll show you a woman(black or white) who dont give a damn about another woman’s feelings. Women quest for being with a man with fame and money is out of control especially in this country. Ladies wake up. As long as you have women who willing to do whatever for the dollar versus having a meaningful relationship with a good man this will continue. It wouldnt suprise me if his ex-wife was just type of woman thats why it was so easy for him to screw her over.

  14. Tiki, you better think deep before you leap!!! Remember you will have to have a good relationship with your children and their mother. When the chase is over, your children will be all that you will have. Think about the relationship with your family!!! OK?

  15. If he was ready to move on with his life. He would pay her off and be done with it. Why does he want to put his wife through this, he should man up and give her what she wants, he should consider his children and want what is BEST for them. Barber is not being fair, he should think about somewhere along the way. Pay back is never SWEET.

  16. Good Afternoon

    Mr. Barber is way worst than Kim Kardashsrin, but the both are people without moral character. It shouldn’t matter who you marry, but do not ask the question later where has black race gone, because we are no longer be any trace of us left, do to the fact we decided that we want children with hair or skin that will not look like our ancestral features. In this situation only GOD can judge the out come of Mr. Barber’s life and at this point its not looking to well, because the Bible states Marriage must be respected by all and husband and wife faithful to each other. God will punish the immoral and the adulterous. (Hebrews13:4)
    “I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery” (Matt. 19:9).
    “Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery, and the man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery” (Lk. 16:18). Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her. And if she divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery’ ” (Mk. 10:2-12). These are scriptures we all should live with each of each day, so we do not have to discuss Mr. Baber’s situation and the outcome, because GOD will always be the judge of the adultler and will have the last and final word to his or her punishment. I am glad that I will not be in that number.

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