Ruben Studdard Files for Divorce From Wife of Three Years

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A marriage of one former “American Idol” champion is crumbling down. Season two winner Ruben Studdard, who edged out runner-up Clay Aiken to claim the title in 2003, has filed for divorce from wife of three years, Surata Zuri McCants.

The “I Need an Angel” singer, who gained the nickname “Velvet Teddy Bear” on the singing competition, filed the papers in Alabama, and cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the couple’s separation. A representative for the 33-year-old has released a brief statement of the split, simply telling TMZ, “Ruben and Zuri have gone their separate ways.”

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  1. Its all about how we determaine our relationships. BLACK MEN AND WOMEN MUST STOP MAKING MAJOR DECISIONS WITH A “VEGAS” MENTALITY. OK? ruben needs what ALL talented and in demand people need; life coaches. ARE YALL STILL BEING SENTIMENTAL AS WE SEE ANOTHER little black boy be lauded by judges on TV to be (ready) now for a contract.? BE DILIGENT !!!!! STOP CLAPPING and get that boy surrounded by people who can keep the SHARKS around him GROUNDED. lIKE MUHAMMAD ALI done with his brother being hired to be a free lance photographer and to just ” ride and jive” with him as Ali stood in the bright lights his brother was also standing there in the shadows. RUBEN didnt get that. Yeah sje may have been looking good next to him but dhe was not a Bettye Shabazz ( MacolmX wife)…. singers and entertainers need ONLY certain kinds of women. Not just whose fine. Not only that she deserves to live the life with kind if guy she is turned ON by. You know, somebody with a 9 to 5. Its how she sees the world for real. She dont need the pressure of being married into the spotlight. Thats who she really is. Maybe a Doctor. Or lawyer. Something like that …….. not a STAR.

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