Report: Conrad Murray Tells Visitors He Doesn’t Want to Live

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Report: Dr. Conrad Murray on Suicide Watch

 Dr. Conrad Murray seems to have believed that he could actually play a role in the death of one of the most beloved entertainers in history and not end up in prison.  The doctor is currently housed in the medical ward of the LA County Jail, and there are reports that he is considering killing himself.

“A person’s medical or mental health status in the Los Angeles County Jail is protected under the law,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore told E! News.

Murray is set to be sentenced on November 29th.  His defense attorney, J. Michael Flanagan, is saying that he waited for more than an hour to speak to Murray, but was told that he would not be available.   Murray was currently housed in the medical unit, so the attorney left without being able to see his client.

“He didn’t think he would be found guilty,” his media representative Miranda Sevcik said.  “He didn’t mentally prepare himself. He is a very positive person and he didn’t prepare for this outcome.”

“When someone isn’t prepared, it hits them doubly hard,” she added.

Murray faces only up to four years for his crimes.  His team is still holding out hope that he can get out of this without going to prison.   They say that he’s not a flight risk or danger to society, and that he’s always cooperated with investigators.



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  1. I donot have anything good to say about Dr. Conrad Murray. It appears to me that he put money above the well being of Michael Jackson. His actions were properly interpreted by the jury and he was found guilty. You don’t just “cave” in and give your patient what they want if IT IS NOT GOOD for him/her or just OBEY their requests. You have to be a strong person to work for celebrities because they sometimes feel that they can do what they want to because they have money.

  2. Mr Murray because of the money and hookers and high life style, he really was in lala land. I have nothing good to say about him and the way he conducted his so called practice. I wish he could receive more than four years for what is neglected to do for Michael, that resulted in his death. I don’t know how many other clients he had but he seemed ill equiped to treat anyone.

  3. I agree with everyone. Conrad took advantage of his position. He shouldn’t have responded to the “money” aspect of his life..That is the sad part of working for a celebrity who gets what they want because they have the money..but you have to be above that and remember that he was a human being first and if he is gone, your money stops…duh….He got caught up for sure and now he has to pay for his mistakes and he is trying to get out of it by taking his own life, punk!!

  4. Hang in there Conrad Murray. You still have a future. Michael is gone, but I don’t think that he meant for you to suffer like this. Michael appeared to me to be a people loving man and a peace loving man. He was abused by the court system too. You have been just as abused by an unjust system as we all have. Some will go with public opinions and the information source of a corrupt media outlay, but they haven’t got a clue about the facts of much of anything. Keep hanging in there Mr. Murray, there are other things for you to do and other places to go in this mad world we live in.

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