Overweight Teen Smuggles Loaded Gun Into Jail… By Hiding It Under His Big Belly

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Stony Mathis, an 18-year old, was able to keep officers from finding a .38 caliber revolver by putting it into his waistband and hiding it under his stomach.  The overweight teenager took advantage of the fact that officers didn’t feel compelled to lift his belly during their search of him before entering the Okaloosa County jail in Florida.

The errant teen is a shocking 5’4”, 220 pounds, and was pulled over for reckless driving by the police.  He was then taken to jail and searched, where no gun was found.

The boy tried to get rid of the gun by asking if he could go to the bathroom, trying to hide the gun under the toilet roll.   The gun was found the next day by one of the cops.

The deputies who searched Mathis were given letters of reprimand for not doing their jobs effectively, and were suspended for three days without pay.  They were also given a three month probation. Lieutenant Jeff Lydston, the officer who investigated the incident, wrote: “There is a preponderance of evidence to believe D/S Speakman and D/S Campbell failed to find the loaded .38 calber revolver.”

When Mathis was pulled over for reckless driving, he and his passengers tried to run away and cops found 14 grams of cocaine near the car.  So, it appears that he has other “talents” that go beyond hiding guns in his belly.


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  1. These cops were suspended without pay and given three months probation. There are coops being accused of rape and racial beatings that are sent home with pay. WTH!!!

  2. @Taunya, In my Home Town of New Brunswick N.J. Cops just fatally shot a brother in the back and still recieving full pay while the investigation takes place!

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