New Study: Black Teen Drug Use Among Lowest in U.S.

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New Study Reveals Black Teen Drug Use Among Lowest in U.S.

You know that pervasive image of the saggy pants, doo-rag wearing, Black teenager who spends his days smoking weed at the corner store that inundates our televisions, movie screens and fallacious eye-witness descriptions?

Cancel it.

A recent study to be released in the November issue of Archives of General Psychiatry finds that Black and Asian teens are much less likely to use drugs and alcohol than teens of other ethnicities.

Much. Less. Likely.


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  1. wow thats good ,black gossip http://www.mediacheckout.net/

  2. That’s something every true hustla knows well, it was always the white folks coming down in the hood spending the most money & doing the broader range of drugs then they’d hop right on the highway & head back to the burbs like they all good, in my years in that “game” which ran over 10 years white people were by FAR the biggest users & nothing has changed but the age because sadley there so much younger, three days ago I met an 11 year old meth addict a little white boy & it broke my heart.

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