Holly Robinson Peete Says That Blacktresses Are Angry At Tyler Perry Over Kim K

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Kim Kardashian has been taking some heat from Tyler Perry fans for her inclusion in the filmmaker’s upcoming movie, “The Marriage Counselor,” something Access Hollywood Live guest co-host Holly Robinson Peete weighed in on.

“We can always count on Tyler Perry to give a blacktress a job. So all across the world blacktresses are upset,” Holly joked about the casting of Kim in the movie, where the reality star will play the co-worker of the movie’s lead (Jurnee Smollett).

via Holly Robinson Peete Weighs In On Kim Kardashian’s Role In Tyler Perry Movie | Access Hollywood – Celebrity News, Photos & Videos.


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  1. First hispanics, now whites, just stop supporting his work if he is going to start going that way. Way too many good black actresses out of work.

    • This film is a little different looking at the stars, lil more pop(kim kardashian, Brandy, Eric West). Looking at his last play I think he maybe trying to expand his market. Last I checked he’s still employing a lot of people even with all the hating going on.

    • youre one ignorant person first of all am hafl black and half hispanic and kim k is not white you fuckind dumb idiot

  2. I understand Holly’s point but from a business perspective, I also see Tyler’s point of view. Kim has a huge following and that will help the movie do well. I think that Tyler Perry has already proven himself in the black community (and other minority communities) and he does not deserve the negative backlash for hiring a non-minority.

    • I agree.

  3. You guys need to stop that shhhh. Tyler Perry has put more black actresses to work these last several then Hollywood has ever done all together. How stupid are you guys? Kim K will bring new viewers to his work. Its a business move people. Tyler Perry is the last person y’all need to be mad at. I also know its not that Tyler hired a white girl, as he has done in previous films, its who the white girl is. for Tyler to stretch his wings, he can’t always have an all black cast. We know his commitment to us. support this brutha.

  4. we know which black actresses will not get a job anytime soon from tyler…can anyone say holly peete.

  5. Holly Robinson should thank him. Tyler Perry is actually doing black actresses a favor by not hiring them in his crappy movies! LOL Kim Kardashian is trash and so are Perry’s movies and TV shows. So she’ll fit right in.

  6. It’s a money move, the sad thing about it is fans (short for fanatics who get sucked into the kardashian, lohan, hilton hype are CLUELESS if that’s the audience he is looking for he’ll make another mint and ain’t that what it’s all about, the benjamins!

  7. If you look at his play the Marriage Counselor there is a white girl playing the part that kim is playing so why would he get a black actress if he is trying to mimic the play.

    • The argument is probably not as much a white one mimicking the play, it’s because of one with no talent and if you use the same argument then why not use an entire black cast lol. In mynskit

      • Oops, in my skit, Stories of HIV, the cast was all black but the role of the activist was played by my best friend Pam who is white and has talent- plus I could count on her for knowing the part and being there!
        The bottom line with some people is they get things twisted when it comes to the dollar. The love of money is the root of all evil. Nothing has changed about that! Not having it ,but selling out to it!

  8. Stop supporting him! Don’t see the movies. He’s arrived and do not need the black dollar anymore! Let him be and move on. He cannot even use the excuse of someone having talent as Kim K has none!

  9. Black actressess have NOTHING to worry about…they will ALWAYS have a job with Tyler.

  10. This is actually a good move on Tyler Perry’s part. No matter how you slice it or dice it. Kim Kardashian is a brand that brings a following and with that broader opportunities for the Perry empire. This move will potentially broaden his audience, hence Tyler’s revenue. This will of course allow for more opportunity for future films for Blacktresses. We have to be bigger than thinking Tyler should holds the franchise on work for Black actresses. If he does, this would further limit opportunities from other studios for Blacktresses. While Perry has created a brand focused on the African American consumer through sometimes ridiculous characters /storytelling, in order for him to asend to the next level, he will have to broaden the diversity of his Actors / Actresses.

    I say make that money Tyler, because at the end of the day Green is the only color that really matters.

  11. Just for the record, this is not the first time a white actress has appeared in a Tyler Perry movie. Prime example is “The Family That Preys Together” in which there White and Black, male and female, actors and actresses, in prominent roles. I strongly believe there needs to be more work available to Black actors and actresses, but to expect Black directors to never use anyone White in their films is unrealistic. Should Spike Lee re-do “Do the Right Thing” and substitute all the White characters with Black ones even though the movie is about racial conflict?

  12. Some of the readers here must only look at headlines. The story clearly said that Holly Robinson Peete was joking when she made that statement.

  13. who cares, really its overblown………..move on!

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