Herman Cain: ‘I’m not supposed to know anything about foreign policy’

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Herman Cain has made another mistake on the campaign trail that is likely going to dog him for good.  After recent slipups on various aspects of foreign and domestic policy, Cain defended himself with comments that some see as yet another mistake by the candidate.

Speaking about foreign policy on his tour bus, Cain said this:

“I’m not supposed to know anything about foreign policy. Just thought I’d throw that out,” he said. “I want to talk to commanders on the ground. Because you run for president (people say) you need to have the answer. No, you don’t! No, you don’t! That’s not good decision-making,” said Cain.

During the bus trip, Cain also expressed sympathy for Rick Perry and his well-known brain freeze.  During a major debate, Perry couldn’t remember the name of one of the government agencies he said that he was going to cut.

“I call it a journey, not just a campaign, because it doesn’t stop,” he said. “We’re in the primary. Then you run for president. You win the presidency, serve four years. (Then you) might have to serve eight at the insistence of the people. Then after that, launch a Cain library,” he said.





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  1. Wow,this moron has to be the queen of them all.He actually thinks he can suck and jive his socially inept ass into the White house.What a douche nozzle.

  2. when you make a decision, you develop an answer. Cain is starting to sound like W’. Maybe thats what he’s going for, the W crowd.

  3. No wonder our educational system is in such trouble. We have idiots running for president and congress doesn’t even know that a tomato is not a vegetable (let’s not even get into the pizza thing). These people seem proud of their ignorance.

  4. Responding to The Rain says:

    Your comment was right on time. I love your statement. This is nothing but a bought and paid for bozo clown who think he is untouchable is truly a moron. He makes such ignorant and stupid statements, no wonder people laugh. When they laugh, he believes that they they think that he is great and the idiot jerk makes more dumb statements. He is a total disgrace to his family. He thinks intelligent people are stupid like him to believe all the lies he has told about all of these women who do not know each other comiing forward to tell how disgusting he is, even when two were paid a nice sum of money to not speak about it. He is just like the moron you said. These people who contributed to his stupid campain must know that he is not even equipped to run for this office. How stupid can you be when you state that we need a leader, not a reader. This moron should know that if you do not read, you cannot lead. When asked questions that he cannot answer, he either sings or make dumb statments (both sound stupid). Elementary children know more than he does. He does not know about anything but pizza, and that is where he belongs. Well, pizza man, many people are so very happy to see your count in the polls have gone down. May they go further down, down, down.

  5. Imagine the commander of the world police has no sense about the world!
    But this is one trick the old pirate use on us.
    They pick one man, a man with low mentality. Offer him some few million dollars to win a campaign and become the president. Soon he will be ordering the “pawns” to go bombing the whole countries because the leaders are being too good to their subjects.
    Or the old leader had refused to dance to the music from Paris.
    At best, invisible “weapons of mass destruction” had been found in Nima. Later, this will turn out to be a factory which imports from India, to cut, pack and distribute Paludrine tablets.

    Meanwhile those killed together with the “collateral damages” are not even worth the cost of the killing tools and the killing operations used in killing them.

    The old Pirates cash up the billions of dollars back to the banks. The poverty, hunger and starvation, sickness, diseases, lamentations, continue in Africa and others parts of the world.
    In the USA the hidden truth is being revealed on the Wall Street!
    And for months now there is not one American Leader to talk to these folks to COOL down and return home.
    And the new Mr President is happy singing and dancing “Amazing Grace”.

  6. I can’t think that Mr. Cain is as stupid as he pretends. I think he is, perhaps, unheedful or uncaring of the harm he is causing to the image of the black community. It is my belief that he is playing the part of a fool for the white power elite and laughing all the way to the bank.

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