Has Benetton’s New Ad Campaign Gone Too Far? (Photos)

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Yes, that is President Obama sharing a tender moment with US rival Hugo Chavez for The United Colors of Benetton’s new ad campaign.

The Italian fashion brand, already known for its provocative ads throughout the years, is already making headlines for its latest effort – an ad campaign showing photoshopped images of world leaders kissing their biggest rivals on the lips. The company’s new Unhate campaign also includes the modified images of President Obama planting one on the president of China, as well as Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu smooching Palestinian National Authority, president Mahmoud Abbas, among others.

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  1. That would be an unerstatement. It’s been no holds barred since the time President Obama took the lead at the Democratic National Convention in 2008. It appears that the super rich buisness sector has rediscovered their disrespect of Black men in any position of power and authority. Subsequently, they have launched these types of diversionary attacks. The images of the other world leaders are irrelevant to the american public, however this image of President Obama casts him in an unfavorable light in an election year. In my opinion, that’s the subliminal part of this ad campaign. These people will stop at nothing to demonize a President I believe is genuinely committed to making this country a better and more fair place for all americans.

  2. Agreed.

  3. Thomas and Trent, you two are so soft..Man up!!!There’s nothing wrong with showing a little love for your brother..LOL..I find it real funny

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