Former Red Sox Clubhouse Manager Molested 12 Black Children

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They had 11 kids and they were all black, almost as if they wouldn’t let this happen to little white boys.”

Jerry Sandusky appears to only be the latest in authoritative sports figures who’ve taken advantage of young boys in their care.  Donald Fitzpatrick, a long time clubhouse manager for the Boston Red Sox, molested several boys between 1971 and 1991 in Winter Haven, Florida, where the team held its spring training.

“He grabbed me and told me to take my clothes off,” Leeronnie Ogletree. “I’ll never forget him putting his mouth on my penis. I don’t mind telling it now because I’m over it. But that stands out. And I’ll never forget it.”

via Your Black Gossip: The Official Source of Black Celebrity Gossip: Former Red Sox Clubhouse Manager Molested 12 Black Children.


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