Dr. Boyce Spotlight: From South Central to Princeton – Meet Dominique Reese

by / November 22, 2011 Business 4 Comments

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Dominique Reese ’06 never forgot her South Central Los Angeles roots. She was the first graduate of Crenshaw High School to attend Princeton, the first person in her family to attend college, and now is operating a business that teaches financial literacy to low-income youth and adults.

She says she is living proof that after-school programs work. In high school, she took part in the Riordan Scholars Program, a highly successful initiative that helps students from underserved communities achieve their college dreams through Saturday seminars at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. It was there that a fellow program participant, who later attended Princeton, first told her about the University.

via YourBlackScholar: Dr. Boyce Spotlight: From South Central to Princeton – Meet Dominique Reese.


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  1. Awesome story! So very happy when our young people achieve, succeed and give back.

  2. I am glad that you started a business on Financial Literacy. So many of our people need it.

  3. The same for my daughter; Harvard to Google. There is no substitute for hard work and being driven to succeed!

  4. She’s not the only success story from South Central. I’m from Boston and I met a girl completing her residency at the Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA. She was a wonderful individual. This was about 6 years ago. Having moved to California since then I realize how much of an accomplishment that was. It doesn’t matter whether you are from S.Central or not the state itself has a silent form of classism and racism that permeates in it. People who were born and raised here don’t see it. Cornell West is from Sacramento, CA and I believe that is why he is driven to educate the minds of this generation. He knows what it’s like because his eyes were open when he left California.

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