Dr. Boyce: Sorry Chris Rock, But Obama is Nobody’s “Gangsta”

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World

Comedian Chris Rock made some interesting comments this week about President Barack Obama. Rock, who is a strong supporter of the president, felt compelled to argue that none of us should be fooled by the relatively passive, less-than-impressive first term of Obama. Instead, Rock says that we should look forward to the fact that having a second term is going to lead President Obama to start doing “gangsta sh*t.”

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  1. When Kennedy decided to betray the wishes of the elite he was assassinated. When ML King started speaking to the masses about the ills of the Vietnam war he increased the size of the target on his chest. When the Black Panthers stood up against this establishment filled with racist cops and government officials, these government agencies teamed up to annihilate them.
    When influential “black” leaders speak out against this facade of a government they are swiped down like bugs. When leaders of weaker nations around the world refuse to allow the Anglo-elite and its cohorts to abuse and steal their resources which drive the people in to deeper impoverishment and debt they are overthrown, jailed or murdered then replaced, and those nation’s people suffer greater poverty abuse and despair.
    When a great embargo was put into place against Apartheid South Africa the elite with their great ‘think tank’ inspired wisdom pulled Mandela from prison and made him the President and the money started flowing again. Now that the elite have made Mr. Obama their representative one has to wonder why? I implore you to watch what is occurring here and specifically to Africans across the diaspora, but that is not all you should watch because the elite made this bold move of sticking a “black man” into office for serious diabolical reasons that make it easier for them to do serious damage to the world’s unprotected people (Generally people of color). So while some are fascinated with what the elite-owned corrupt-media portrays as good things, be assured that it’s only another ruse to veil the horror many will never hear the media mention! They tend to tell you what the want you to hear, believe, and live by. All done and said to make it easier for them to abuse us all. Mr. Obama is not your friend, so don’t let your semi-blocked minds continue to steer you in the wrong directions. Do your do-diligence and find more credible information from people the elite owned highly corrupt media generally blacks out!

    • Very well said and written and I cosign with all that was stated here. And make no mistake, if the president decides to get wise, they will bury him.

    • What a dummy!!!!!

      • What comes out of your mouth is a reflection of you and has very little to do with others comments. “By their words we shall know them” Sometimes it is better to say nothing.

    • Great comments Wizard. I agree 100%.

    • Good Morning to one and all According to your statement that the elite placed President Obama in office not God did this not man and guess what the elite according you are they placed on President Obama, but remember he passed a health care bill for us all, but in this heart I believe God has a better plan and is not to our understanding. Yet, you did not comment on how the so call elite are pushing Herman Cain that believe their type of doctrine that there is no racism in America, yet you call our President dishonest, so you are saying your statement that Herman Caine is correct. What people to do not understand if President Obama can with the help of everyone get the economy back in line that we all will profit, but we want a President to look at one group of people when he should be for all the people isn’t God. We dish President Obama but we his people did not even answer the Tea Party , we as people of color and the Black Cacus including myself set back to see what was going to happen in the wake of the first 100 days of President Obama’s we talked among ourselves and allowing JIM CROW to come back alive. The Dr Boyce’s , Al Sharpten’s and the Black Cacus set back and did nothing now they growing now we are in trouble. So, please feel free in trying to help our nation and President with the growing problem’s that we allowed to happen under another President. We should be having Prayer Paty and walk around Jericho and shout out the name of the Lord then maybe things will change. We need to stand up and make a change, because if Cain or Romny get int White House then you will be saying President Obama was not a bad President after all, when these same people will threaten you with banishing of your lively hood then you will now that it’s the sign of the beast. All may not agree with this comment not even Dr. Boyce, but that’s find, because God allowed us to be in a coutry where we can express our opinion.
      Thank you, all for allowing me to express some of my feelings, please have a bless day and weekend may God continue to bless us all. Terry

      • Terry, I agree with you and hopefully if we’re blessed with a second term, he throw off that passive coat and deal with these gentiles in a fashon unexpected because he has nothing to lose. Israel trusts him and so do I!!!

        • What the hell are you talking about with that crazy comment about Israel?

      • Please people let’s get off of this “God” talk. We are at the bottom of every indicator of well-being in terms of education, health, wealth, and pride and knowledge of self. Is “God” responsible for the most barbaric and inhuman treatment every recorded in the annals of history — slavery based on the color of one’s skin? We were taught to believe in a white “God” by our slave masters. Why would a slave master give oppressed people anything worth while? Black people believe in the slave-master’s God more than most white people. Where are we after 500 years of believing and worshiping this God? We are at the bottom in terms of our well-being as a people. Is “God” responsible for us being at the bottom?
        We need to put as much energy and time into knowledge of self (starting 200,000 years ago); education and the pursue of excellence; focusing on healthy eating and lifestyles to eliminate the epidemic of obesity; learning how to respect and love ourselves by studying ancient history from 4500 BC to the present; understanding that the greatest and longest lasting civilization (Kmt) was conceived and developed by black people; and, understanding that black people were the first mathematicians, engineers, architects, priests, astronomers, and rulers of an empire. If we were to put as much time and energy into understanding and learning the true history of black people, we would not be at the bottom of every indicator of well-being. Yes, we must have morals and a spiritual center; but, these should be based on our own history (not other people’s history), experiences, and relationship with each other and nature. We must learn and understand our past in order to move forward. Otherwise we are a doomed people. Waiting on the Lord to help us has not worked and will never work.

        • @jazzbuff–maybe you should stick to jazz buffing—a religious discourse is not your strong “suite”. White-slave owners who taught about a White God were as ignorant of the nature of God as those who think that GOD Is Black. I don’t have time to give you chapter and verse–but know this–GOD is not a man.. He is SPIRIT and LIFE. I suggest you take Route 66 to find GOD. Much love on your journey.

    • I agree 100%

      • I agree with WizardG 100%

    • So WizardG, you’re for electing Herman Cain or any of the other Republicans. You’re the one and those that believe like you have semi-blocked minds, I trust and believe in President Obama, I regard him as a friend.

    • Someone who still has the “balls” to speak the truth in a world system filled with greed and lacks love as it pretends to do good for man kind in the interest of mankind while the only intent is increasing that which continues to grow their riches.
      Blind people continue to accept false representations forgetting the same system used blacks as bond fires as the hatred mongers and their children watched black human beings burn after murdering them in one oftheir hatred filled rages.
      Nothing going on today is for the good where there is greed as the motivator. Mark 12:30-31
       30And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.
       31And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.Matthew 7:12-29 12Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.If I am a sheep of God, then I hear His voice . How do I know this to be true? John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me:
      The word says by their fruits you will know them: 
      Galatians 5:22-23:  love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Wake up-open your eyes people.

      • And you point is???

    • Preach Brother Preach…the truth

    • My remarks were in response to the comments posted by Wizard G NOT POETEE!!

      • preach brother preach…my remarks are in response to poetee…not wizard g.

    • I acknowledge the brilliance of Pres. Obama. I also acknowledge that he has been a very disrespected President in spite of the awesome work that he has done with so many within the government lined up against him. Still, I am greatly disappointed in his foreign policy–particularly in Africa. How ironic that a Black man would initiate the relentless bombing of a sovereign country in Africa (Libya) leading to thousands upon thousands dying in the name of a farcical “humanitarian crisis” which any intelligent person can see was just an excuse for regime change which is against international law. He doesn’t stop there—bombs in Somalia, bombs in Yemen, continuous bombs in Pakistan, troops in Uganda….and of course it hasn’t stopped in Afghanistan–another failed policy. More have died and there have been more drone attacks under Pres. Obama than under Pres. Bush–check the record and yes, that’s what I call “gangsta sh*t”. It saddens me to see that the foreign policy of the US, led by Pres. Obama continues to be led by bankers, neo-cons and the Israeli government and its interests groups. While this has been going on, Black folks have been, for the most part, silent while Africa is being recolonized and the giant military base (AFRICOM), which the US has been itching to establish on African soil is finally being realized—under a Black President. I am vehemently against the bombing of Africa and any sovereign nation especially when diplomatic efforts weren’t even attempted.
      I for one do not believe that because he is Black and I am Black, that I should be silent in my critic of his policies and I think it is shameful that Black journalists, Black politicians, etc. lack the courage to point out the flagrant abuses in this foreign policy because they are scared of a republican alternative in the White house. As far as I can see Black folks have lost just as much under democrats as we have under republicans. No President is above criticism and we all have a right to point out what we see is wrong in American policy without being called a Obama hater.

      • You are an Obama Hater.

        • And you are an unquestioning supporter. A person who likely doesn’t know much about politics or the relevant current and future issues but your support of Barack Obama is merely rooted in his race, celebrity status and his affiliation with the Democratic machine. You’ve likely projected your own minimal but fantasy-like political beliefs onto Obama so much that you consider any intellectual analysis of his 1st term as a personal attack.
          Cue up the ‘Obama’ song from a Boondocks episode in season 3…
          Pudding this one’s for you.

    • With All Due Respect WizardG:


      You talk about what THE POWERS have done in the past.
      Let us talk about what THE NEGRO is being compelled to do at present.

      You see for this consciousness exercise to be successfully completed we need to remove the notion that the Black community has been CONSUMERS and passive VICTIMS.

      We as a people now have two valuables that we hold in our possession as valuable currency to be shopped in the “American Political Domain”

      1) Our “Equal Black Ballot” – our voice, as protected by the US Government to INVEST in whom we choose to represent us in the “American Political Domain”

      2) FAR, FAR, FAR more valuable is “Our Black Community Development Consciousness & Hopes”. WE CONTROL THIS RESOURCE. It has been usurped for pieces of silver within the “American Political Domain” by the “Embedded Confidence Men” who have betrayed us.

      #2 has been massaged and manipulated with a string of false hope – all for the purposes of achieving INVESTMENTS of #1.

      Barack Obama is ONE MAN.
      VESTED WITHIN HIM is the full compliment of #2.
      The IDEOLOGY/METHODOLOGY for our advancement has been cast. (Progressivism)
      The VEHICLE through which this METHODOLOGY is to be implemented is on autopilot (through American politics and the Democratic Party)

      The real question that all Black Americans must ask themselves is _ WHAT HAVE WE BEEN COMPELLED TO DO IN SUPPORT OF ALL OF THE ABOVE. This was the case before Obama so Obama should only be seen as the cherry on top of a structure that had been built up previously.

      * Our SCHOOLS are failing – yet I heard Mario Van Peebles preaching the other day that Black kids will be inspired by Obama and will seek higher goals. He was loathed to say that FEW EXAMPLES in our public schools justify his outlook

      * The previous INVESTMENTS in the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT of our community since the 1960’s in which we started INVESTING our ballots – should now be producing output. Instead the Koreans have a large toehold on the future growth of (non-corporate) retailing within the Black community than do our own people.

      At some point in time we need to take a step back and understand ALL of the forces that are ATTACKING US.
      The most damning forces are standing right next to us – using their leveraged position to hijack our consciousness.

      They want us to “Defend Obama” against political attack more than they seek for us to PROTECT THE RETURNS in our COMMUNITY 401K PROGRAM as we demand to see RETURNS ON INVESTMENT.

    • and with “friends” like you Black people don’t need no enemies

      • Thanks Bob!

    • @ Wizard G. OK LIKE WHO FOR INSTANCE –who are the voices that the media drowns out-name names –so I can check them out.. All this mumbo–jumbo sounds like conspiracy theory 101. Talk up==name names, who are “they”. Sounds like the same ole “old boys club” that always existed…

  2. Now we got a BIG ONE on our side – Colin Powell. Colin reasoning is exactly what President Obama and Democrats have been preaching. We cannot allow corruption and fraud at Wall Street. We cannot allow CEOs shipping jobs abroad leaving people on welfare. We cannot allow people go without health insurance and being denied check-ups and thus ending with huge medical bills because they are poor whites or blacks. We cannot allow Republicans to keep tax low on super rich while taxing heavy on low and middle income. We cannot afford to cut services of police and firefighters, teachers and nurses salaries because we want the rich not to pay more taxes. Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Gingrich and Perry should re-examine their inner most spirits. Let’s prepare for President Obama re-election.

    • @@Pastori,
      The only way we can stop these robber baron companies from shipping our jobs to Communist China and India is to STOP BUYING THIS JUNK MADE IN CHINA and INDIA…..We don’t have to ask these lowdown politicians to do anything for us…Most of them are in the bed with these robber baron companies…
      We have potential power but we must change that potential power to kinetic power by collectively organizing ourselves and challenge these robber baron companies…..We got the power but just don’t know it…..
      I have been preaching to people for the longest to boycott these stores who shelves are full of China and India made products this Christmas……BUY ONLY PRODUCTS MADE IN AMERICA….Support America companies who make their products in America…F’ k Communist China and India……We just got to rise up against these companies and tell them no more craps from China……….You see what happen with Bank America…..If we had not rose against them we would be paying this greedy bank $5 every time you use their debit card……..

      • I agree with you.
        Moreove, most people are looking at the wrong indicator. IT’S NOT the ECONOMY—————-IT’S THE SYSTEM–STUPID. You heard it here first, Rappin Granny –That’s not all Rappin Granny has to say. Rappin Granny was the first person to tells PRES OBAMA “It’s Time to NIGGER UP(youtube) !!! Now –Run tell That. LOL

    • Amen, I agree with Olin Ross. Let’s prepare for President Obama’s re-election and not let a Republican in the White House to take away all of the poor and middle class benefits. Get out and rally AGAINST the Republicans and FOR the current President and soon to be President in 2012. Stop speaking negative of this man and get on his side to help people with not as much as the rich and to keep the Healthcare Bill active. Send your Prayers up to God who will move mountains if people will humble themselves and Pray for the Leaders of our nation instead of bad mouthing them. Also, vote a Democratic Congress in Office in 2012 so he can go on and do the work the Lord has for him without road blocks. GET OUT AND VOTE, TELL OTHERS TO VOTE AND STOP BELITTLERING THE PRESIDENT!!!!!

    • Pastori Balele:

      Can you tell us why so many “Mission Accomplished Cities” that Bayard Rustin told us would become prosperous for Black people IF we voted for the Democrats to enact “Progressive Public Policy” now don’t have the revenues to fund fire, police and school teachers?

      Each and every city in America obtained a city charter (and school board charter) in which they convinced the STATE that they could franchise the state constitutional obligations in exchange for the power to collect LOCAL TAXES.

      In effect – the fundamental point of a city is its FISCAL SOLVENCY which would allow the people to live up to a higher standard of living than when the land was “unincorporated land” and the services were provided by the state or county.

      The grand flaw in your argument – besides only talking about EXTERNAL/NATIONAL REPUBLICANS and nothing about what the people who GOT YOUR VOTE have done to injure you – is that you are intolerant to the point of bigotry in your unwillingness to see that MORE POWERFUL than the “negative” of the banks is the FAILURE to develop strong institutions of uplift.

      More Blacks are molested by the squandering of our development of skills and talent through our mis-managed schools than anything you can claim about subprime loans. The level of Black home ownership never reached beyond 50% – even IF every Black home owner got a subprime loan (which we didn’t) HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THE LOSSES SUFFERED BY BLACKS WHO WERE NOT HOME OWNERS?

      It is clear that “The Banks”, ‘The Republicans” provide for a nice pacifier for a person and a thought group that knows NOT how to lift up our people yet you enjoy the company of like-minded Progressive-Fundamentalist-Bigots who agree to agree on “Who Did This To You”.

  3. Absolutely, WizardG, Absolutely. Rhetoric, without action, is just that rehetoric!

  4. Why would u think this idiot (rock) has anything credible to contribute to any serious medium. With his ever increasing insistance of using the N-word. He’s a comedian for crying out loud.

    • Only an idiot would fail to recognize the genius that Mr. Chris Rock exemplifies on and off the stage. A clear case of his genius–is his rehabilitation of the word NIGGER–Oprah thought she buried it.–but Chris Rock and Rappin Granny have said–YOU DON”T OWN THE WORD–A word has the meaning ascribed to it by the user.. It means what I say it means. In the case of Chris Rock–that my kinda Nigga-In the case of Pres. Obama–he needs to NIGGER-UP –just like Rappin Granny said on youtube. (see youtube) The only reason that the word nigger has come under attack–is because white people are mad that they can’t use it with impunity. Now run tell that!! Rappin Granny.

  5. Wizard G you couldn’t of said it any better…I find it completed sad that ppl still have the wool over thier eyes, when will ppl stop judging this man by his color and pay attention to his actions and intent. Think about this, if Obama was white and everything that’s was going on was occurring, would you still have this much faith in your president? It’s time for all ppl of all color and nationalities to wake up to what’s occurring.

  6. What I think is that politics are politics. President Obama is a politician. Politicians generally only get back about twenty percent reward for their efforts in legislation because no one will ever agree on anything anywhere. It’s human nature to disbelieve, ridicule, oppose… President Obama is not the bad guy here, because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t get up in the morning thinking of ways to screw people out of their hard-earned money and community service funding (Planned Parenthood, for instance). He’s the president, which means he’ll take the blame for anything wrong with this country.

    There are some who stand on their own little homemade soapboxes and shout to the four winds that the president isn’t our friend. I’d urge them to reconsider their opinion, because he’s more our friend than any other president has been (save Clinton, perhaps). Rhetoric is still rhetoric, people. Even when you think you’re preaching truth. Make up your own mind by searching out the facts for yourself and ignore those who would steer you in the direction of alternate information sources other than the media, who I do believe is incredibly nearsighted at times. Seeking information through a third party will always produce the same results: information with a slant.

    How about we all just be our own newspapers and stop being sheep for the herding. Doesn’t matter if you’re brown, black, red, white, pink, blue, or purple. We all have to live with what is passed as legislation at the end of the day, don’t we?


    What Health Reform Means To You & Your Community:
    It’s not tweaked to perfection, but it IS a step in the right direction…
    President Barack Obama Chronology:
    Aug 4, 1961 Barack Obama, Jr. was born in Honolulu, HI, to Ann Dunham (Obama) and Barack Obama, Sr.
    1967 At age 6, moves with his mother and her second husband to Indonesia where he attends a Catholic scho…ol and later a public school. His mother taught him at home to make sure he kept up with his academics.
    1969 Sister, Maya Soetoro is born to his mother and her second husband, Lolo Soetoro.
    1971 At age 10, mother sends him back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents and to attend Punahou, a prestigious prep school, in Honolulu, Hi
    1975 Now in high school, he joins the basketball team and is considered a leader in his class.
    1979 Graduates from Punahou School. He enters Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA
    1981 After completing his sophomore year at Occidental, he transfers to Colombia University.
    1982 Receives the news that his father had been killed in a car accident in Kenya.
    1988 Applies to and was admitted to Harvard University Law School.
    1990 Was elected the first Black President of the Harvard Law Review.
    1991 Graduates Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School.
    Oct 18, 1992 Marries Princeton and Harvard Law graduate Michelle Robinson of Chicago, IL.
    1995 Mother dies of cancer.
    Jul 18, 1995 First book and memoirs, Dreams from My Father, is published. The book receives positive reviews.
    1996 Is elected to the Illinois State Senate
    1998 Re-elected to the Illinois State Senate
    1999 Daughter Malia born
    Mar 21, 2000 Challenges Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush; loses to him in primary
    2001 Daughter Natasha (Sasha) born
    Oct 2, 2002 Gave speech against Iraq war in downtown Chicago
    2002 Re-elected to the Illinois State Senate (uncontested)
    Mar 16, 2004 Won Democrat primary for Illinois US Senate race.
    Jul 27, 2004 Keynote address at the Democratic National Convention
    Nov 2, 2004 Elected to the U.S. Senate def. Alan Keyes
    Jan 4, 2005 Sworn in to the US Senate as the third African American senator since Reconstruction, and the fifth in history. Serves on the Foreign Relations and Veteran’s Affairs Committees.
    Aug 2006 Travels to Kenya; also visits South Africa, Chad, Djibouti
    Oct 17, 2006 The Audacity of Hope published
    Dec 10, 2006 Made first trip to New Hampshire as part of his pre-exploratory 2008 presidential campaign
    Jan 16, 2007 Announces his Presidential exploratory committee
    Feb 10, 2007 Formally announced start of Presidential campaign in Springfield, IL
    Mar 4, 2007 Participates in March on Selma with Sen. Clinton commemorating the historic 1965 civil rights march in Selma, AL
    Sep 8, 2007 Oprah hosts $3million fundraiser
    Sep 12, 2007 Presents extensive plan to get out of Iraq
    Dec 8, 2007 Oprah joins him on the campaign trail in Iowa and South Carolina
    Jan 3, 2008 Wins Iowa caucus
    Jan 26, 2008 Wins South Carolina Primary
    Jan 28, 2008 Is endorsed by Senator Ted Kennedy who quotes his younger brother John F Kennedy saying: “The world is changing. The old ways will not do.. It is time for a new generation of leadership.”
    Feb 5, 2008 Wins 13 states on Super Tuesday
    Feb 10, 2008 Wins his 2nd Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album (Audacity of Hope)
    Mar 18, 2008 Delivers speech to the nation on race
    Apr 29, 2008 Barack Obama renounces Rev. Wright for comments he finds offensive
    May 6, 2008 Wins decisive victory in North Carolina Primary
    May 20, 2008 Obtains majority of pledge delegates
    May 31, 2008 Leaves Trinity United Church
    Jun 3, 2008 Becomes the first Black to ever win the Democrat Presidential primary nomination
    Jul 24, 2008 Speaks in Berlin to over 200,000; also travels to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel
    Aug 23, 2008 Selects Joseph Biden as running mate
    Aug 27, 2008 Formally nominated at DNC; the first Black ever
    Aug 28, 2008 Accepts nomination, spoke at DNC convention to over 80,000 in Denver
    Sep 26, 2008 Presidential Debate 1 Oxford, MS
    Oct 7, 2008 Presidential Debate 2 Nashville, TN
    Oct 15, 2008 Presidential Debate 3 Hempstead, NY
    Oct 19, 2008 Endorsed by Gen. Colin Powell; Record fundraising announced ($150 million)
    Oct 23, 2008 Leaves campaign trail to visit his ailing Grandmother in Hawaii
    Oct 29, 2008 Airs 30-min infomercial
    Nov 2, 2008 Grandmother dies in Hawaii
    Nov 4, 2008 Elected the 44th US President; first Black ever. He defeats John McCain
    Nov 6, 2008 Names Rahm Emanuel Chief of Staff
    Dec 1, 2008 Nominates his rival Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State
    Dec 1, 2008 Nominates Eric Holder Attorney General
    Dec 1, 2008 Names Susan Rice as Ambassador to the UN
    Dec 15, 2008 Names Steven Chu, 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics winner, Secretary of Energy
    Dec 15, 2008 Names Lisa Jackson to lead the EPA
    Dec 15, 2008 Names Nancy Sutley to head the White House Council on Environmental Quality
    Dec 15, 2008 Electoral College vote officially declared. Defeats McCain by a vote of 365 to McCain’s 173
    Jan 15, 2009 Roland Burris sworn into Senate to replace him in the US Senate
    Jan 20, 2009 Inaugurated as 44th US President and 1st Black President
    Feb 2, 2009 Eric Holder sworn in as 1st Black Attorney General
    Feb 17, 2009 Signs into law a $787 billion Economic Stimulus Package, his first major legislative victory
    Mar 21, 2010 Passed a new Health Care Law ( something that they hadn’t been able to do since Roosavelt )
    To see a list of the legislation the president has signed, go to:


    • OMG!! Thank you for an intelligent and FACTUAL reply!! It amazes me how many people dis this president without any knowledge of has done for ALL Americans. It is always the most righteous man who is the most maligned!! The saying is true that no good deed goes unpunished. President Obama is a man of honor, courage, integrity, faith and dedication. He has been practically a 1-man army in getting so many things accomplished to benefit the country while dealing with disasters and crises on an unprecedented level. The prejudice of too many non-Blacks coupled with the ingratitude of too many Blacks along with well organized and financed propagandists have done some damage to possibly the best leader of the free world in modern times. Little do the naysayers know that they are operating against their own best interests in criticizing and/or rejecting this President. Thank God he is a strong man who does not allow the ignorance and skepticism of some of the people to deter him from doing what he believes is best for everyone. I believe he is both anointed and appointed to be exactly where he is for such a time as this, and I pray for his re-election and continued wise guidance as we pass through troubled waters. He is not a miracle worker and never claimed to be, but he leads with a steady hand and remains focused. Critics of this God fearing leader had better wise up also, because if any one of the other “choices” manage to get into the seat of power, God have mercy on us all!!! They care nothing about anything except money, power and themselves.

      • Sharon well said. I feel the same about President Obama as you my sister. God himself appointed President Obama and placed him in office, it truly have nothing to do with any group or people, what God wants he gets and there is nothing that man can do about it. God is still on the Throne and in charge of all that he created, no one or thing is above him nor greater than our Sovereign God.

        God said man will destroy him own self for lack of knowledge, man thinks it is all about him own self, when it is truly all about the Almighty God. People better open their eyes and walk in the light and come out of the darkness before it is too late to turn around.

        No weapons formed against President Obama shall not prosper, but be null, void and broken by the Mighty Blood of Jesus! Amen! Every negative word spoken out of someone’s mouth, and negative thoughts that someone thinks about President Obama shall not prosper, but be null, void and broken by the Mighty Blood of Jesus, I decree it, claim it and receive it done in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, all the praise and glory is yours Father God. What God has blessed no man or Satan can not touch, what the Devil meant for bad, God turned it around for good.

        Love You All! Tracy

  8. Although it sounds a bit ludicrous, I somewhat understand what Chris meant…. as a humorous statement. In a nut shell, I believe that he was saying that President Obama will be bold enough to challenge old ideas that haven’t been challenged before. I believe that he meant that his style and manner in which he approaches these issues would be different. Let’s face it. President Obama does have swagger and I do believe that he is probably one of the coolest people you could ever converse with outside of the Whitehouse. However, we must remember that he also has a highly credentialed political record and is well educated. He is intelligent enough to know when and what type of behavior he is to exhibit. When he is reelected, I don’t believe that he is going to go “gangsta”, because that would be a total flip of his professional character. “Gandsta” is not why we elected him. His competence, sincerity and ability is what I cast my vote and will again in 2012! Somewhat distorted, I simply believe that Chris was making another crazy joke. President Obama may be a lot of things, but unintelligent and impulsive, he’s not.

  9. Andrea’s completely right. thank you for explaining it to some of the more literal folk. It’s disappointing that Dr. Boyce didn’t do this for all those who read his blog…

  10. Speak WizardG

  11. @Wizard6,
    Do you have God in the equation…..???????
    The only change that will come about in this country will only come through people power….Majority of politicians are corrupt…and never have enacted any major changes in this country..Majority are in the bed with these robber baron companies(Koch Industries)…..
    The nest is being stirred right now, OWS….People will rise up against the establishment because they are getting angry, weary, impatient and tired of these lowdown politicians blowing hot air up their butts. They will continue to get angry and angry…….Just like a balloon…You keep pumping air into it sooner or later it will burst……People are putting on their armor of God…..and ready to fight if a change for better does not come soon……….This is what happening in other countries such as Libra, Egypt, Yemen and others ….Most major changes have come about only when people rose up and challenge these dictators……….I see it bubbling up right now…..This is what happen in Ohio, Mississippi, Wisconsin, NH, Nevada and other states in the last Tuesday election………..People know they are getting the short end of the stick….God will not allow these demons to continue to mistreat his children….People rose up against Bank American and stop them from charging that $5.00 fee for using their credit card…A lot of people are taking money out of these big banks and putting their money into credit unions and smaller banks….A record was set last week…..People power will always overpower money power…especially when people are organize…

  12. @Wizard6,
    What the 2% don’t realize it is us little people who made them millionaires…If we stopped buying their junk products that was made in communist China they would go bankrupt….The greatest power on this earth are people….

  13. Really? Conspiracy Theories….that’s how you choose to validate your point? Believe me WizardG, I don’t in any way consider myself naive or foolish and I am not so blind as to believe or support everything that Barack Obama does or believe everything he attempts to accomplish is good for all people of color, but the fact that he is in the White House negates the argument that little Black boys cannot succeed academically or in life because they have no positive male role models to look up to and that is something that none of us had for many, many years. Football players, Basketball players, singers, actors and preachers, that was it when I was coming up, (Oh…and the most important role model of all, my Father). Well today, these young men and woman have a black president and that in itself is a 180% turn around and a tremendous improvement. It ain’t all gravy, but it ain’t all bad either Brother. I admit the elite 1% don’t give an ish about anything or anyone who negatively affects their wealth and power and they have very prominent influence on those who are elected into office in the United States, but I believe we would all have to be pretty naive to believe that all the members of this very, very small group came together and agreed to pool all of their money, power and resources to make sure Barack Obama would get elected because it was in “their” best interest to do so. Really? Naw dude, Barack ain’t perfect, but he definitely ain’t apart of their clique. I have a much easier time convincing myself that this may have occurred in the election of George W. (Think Florida & chats), and I wouldn’t have much problem believing it if Herman Cain were to win in 2012. (Can a any Black man hate the fact that he is black any more than this fool? Probably would kill his own mom if he thought it would make him white)

  14. Right on Wizard.
    “a second term is going to lead President Obama to start doing “gangsta sh*t.” LOL @ “start doing gangsta sh*t.” Barack Obama is a war criminal who supports the racists who are lynching Black people in Libya. He is bombing innocent people–including babies like Muammar Qaddafi’s six-month old granddaughter, and this clown is saying he is going to start doing gangsta sh*t. Barack Obama, the world’s leading war criminal is now sending his gendarmes into Central Afrika to
    get a stranglehold on the oil and strategic minerals in the Great Lakes region. How much more gangsta can he get? The imperial, more sophisticated elite of the White Supremacy Dynamic love him. The base elements of the White Supremacy Dynamic hate him. They don’t even appreciate a person of Afrikan descent doing their dirty work, because historically they have always done it for themselves. The argument is within the White Supremacy Dynamic and clowns like Joyner and Harvey want us to choose the imperial side. The sooner the masses of people break the monopoly that the two party system has on their minds, the quicker they can move to solve their problems.

    • You are very ignorant of many facts regarding Ghadafi’s regime and all of the atrocities he committed against his own people! He may have started out with good intentions – many brutal dictators do – but like all leaders granted absolute power, he became absolutely corrupt and turned on the very people he was supposed to love and care for. The ouster of Ghadafi and his cohorts has put a huge dent in the wholesale slaughter of people of color that Ghadafi was engaged in. Furthermore, President Obama’s allegiance is first and foremost to the United States of America and protecting the interests of its citizens, including misinformed, critical mouthpieces who don’t know what they’re talking about.

      • I profoundly disagree with you Sharon. What atrocities were committed by Ghadafi? What do you know about how the government is organized in Libya? Libya was not a dictatorship under Ghadafi. When he came to power in a bloodless coup, he developed the Jamahiriyah which is a more direct participatory government than what we have in the US. The Libyan people have enjoyed free healthcare, free education, free utilities, free housing, cars subsidized at 50%, 15 loaves a bread for .15, darn near free gas at .10/gal, women can freely serve in the military and are given $5000 plus 2 years of paid postpartum leave, newly married couples are given $50k to get a good start in life…the Libyan people got this and more….Ghadafi, who used the oil wealth to develop the country, was known as the Leader of the Revolution, a more ceremonial role, but the Libyan Prime Minister and the rest of the goverment ran the country–it wasn’t a dictatorship as the American people have bought-hook line and sinker. Just before the bombing in Libya where THOUSANDS were killed and whole cities were leveled, Libya was awarded in January 2011 the Humanitarian award by the UN! in addition, Libyans enjoyed the highest standard of living in Africa and the illiteracy and life expectancy were improved drastically. Do the research–it’s all there. The reason the US/NATO bombed the Libyans to smithereens is because Ghadafi had united African countries to form the United States of Africa and they were going to change from the dollar system to the dinar monetary system which is backed by gold. That would have put Africa in a power position as well as freed African countries from the stranglehold of the “gangsta” international bankers which have been sucking the life out of these countries ability to develop.
        Sadly, these racist 2% who call themselves “rebels” and who are made up of Qataris and other misfits along with al-Qaeda have engaged in mass killings, rapes and tortures (including lychings) of Black/dark skinned Libyans. This never went on prior to this war on Libya–Libya could not have progressed if it had and so many Africans would not have come to Libya to work if it had the reputation of killing blacks. Now, as we sit here today, the al-qaeda flag sits atop many buildings in Libya—is that what you want your President to support?
        Get the Green book at mathaba DOT net….

        • @ Ana:
          D@mn U R preachin & speakin the truth! If only an 1/8 of our citizenry had the knowledge that U possess we would be sooooooo much better off. We have become so ignorant & dumbed down 2 what is really occuring its pathetic! Our ppl are completely blind & deaf because there is someone Black as POTUS, & we now endorse/support anything that this racist imperialist govt does. The POTUS is a puppet & a traitor who takes his orders fr the same imperialist masters that GW Bush took his orders from. What he is doing in Africa & elsewhere would never be supported by us if he weren’t of our hue. He is serving his purpose well for those who wish only for our demise. Continue 2 spread the knowledge & the wisdom; U also WiZard! Peace 2 U both!

          • Sound like an deceptive cabal to me:Datruth, Ana, and the Wizard. Think we ought to watch that trio–uumm.

  15. ill take my chances with pres. obama any day. who else is there? the republicans? lol

  16. Governments came into existence 8 to 10 thousand years ago, to protect and advance the interests of the privileged sector of society. Modern humanity existed for about 130,000 years without governments, because societal conditions did not make it necessary. This government (like 99.99% of all governments in history, and presently) is government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich. The only significant difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is their names. Wall Street, put more money into Obama’s campaign than into McCain’s. Currently he is trying to raise $1 bil. for his re-election. The overwhelming majority of folks who will vote for him, cannot afford to attend any of the $30,000 + plus dinners for him. It has never made more than a cosmetic difference, nationally and internationally, what candidate or party wins an election. No ruling class has ever – and never will – relinquished power over the means of wealth production by losing an election, and never will. The US did not come into existence by elections, and this government and its owners, has since its inception, disregarded the rights and welfare of current and potential victims in its never ceasing drive for profits and privileges. I deal with indisputable facts, and their is no person in the world that can defeat me and my many national co-thinkers in a public debate on our basic political, economic, social, and scientific views. In the last election, the Republicans had two idiots representing them, and the Democrats had two political prostitutes. In my 77th year of life, I would immensely enjoy a debate with Dr. Boyce Watkins, or Playthell Benjamin (however, it would please me much more if I could debate both at the same time. I have been a scientific socialist since 1960, and have had much experience in my independently chosen world outlook. Every day, I become more and more thankful for making the decision at age 15, to quit school at age 16. I have never regretted that decision, I quit boring indoctrination, not education. The most important and best teacher that I have ever had, is the person that I see in the mirror. I am not a politician, and have never desired to become one. However, I utilized nine election campaigns from 1964 to 1979 to publicize the collective views of my political comrades against capitalism/imperialism, and for a world dominated by the working classes and all of those exploited by those two negatives; one where “People and human needs, dominate Profits” instead of “Profits and Privileges” dominating human needs. Socialism and Communism, has never existed in the world. In a debate, those terms can be explained and defended. Those that desire can view me in 1968, on the Wm. Buckley show ()enter: http://vimeo.com/18611069), when I and my running mate were using the presidential election to publicize our views. From 1934, to 1979 – when I changed my name to Kwame M.A. Somburu – I used my birth name of Paul Boutelle. Also, enter YouTube Kwame Somburu and see/hear a few minutes of an interview with me at Occupy Boston. I am in excellent health, and continuing my over 50 years of activity against and all forms of oppression and discrimination world wide, and a world socialist revolution. If both of my names are researched, more information can be obtained. I will post a one page synopsis of my activities since 1960, in the comment right after this one.

    • Much of what you are saying in regards to fund raising holds true for every politician. Running for political office is expensive, and it is inevitable that ALL politicians avail themselves of whatever resources offered to them as long as it is legal. There is no reason to criticize our President for this,it comes with the territory. NO ONE has gained political office without having to make some compromises that are not necessarily ones they would prefer. One thing I have observed about President Obama is that regardless of who has contributed to his campaign, he has remained truer to his promises than any other person I know holding political office. Why is he being singled out for all this criticism and distrust? The foxes have already been in and raided the hen house! President Obama is trying very hard to rebuild the flock and you seem perfectly poised to shoo him out and let the foxes back in!! Sheer insanity!!!

  17. Black folks need to stop falling for the banana in the tailpipe. Look at a man’s actions not his skin color. That’s what it comes down to. Under Obama, blacks (especially black men) have had the highest unemployment rate ever. I know it was Bush’s fault right? Of course and its Barack’s fault too. Don’t forget that he was a senator who voted for the bailout that stole money from you and me and then singed another as president. He is the CEO of the company called the U.S.A. He has to answer to the board (the elite). He has to take all the criticism like all of the previous U.S.A. CEOs. Don’t defend anyone just because their name has a ‘D’ by their name or the tint of their skin is close to yours. Skin color didn’t matter to Obama when we went into Libya. It didn’t matter when his cousin Odinga, who Obama campaigned for in Kenya, lost the election and called for his supporters to wipe out the opposition’s supporters. This resulted in many black lives lost including scores of women and children burned to death in a church. Obama didn’t say a word. He is not worthy to be put on a pedestal. He is a war criminal just like Jr. Bush and Clinton. He is continuing to carry the mantle of the elite. If someone else is anointed president in 2012, I expect them, whether they are D or R, to continue along the same path as the previous CEOs unless they are prepared to meet their maker like Kennedy and Lincoln.

    • Greg V:
      U r right on w ur comments! What u say is da truth & nothing but da truth!

  18. I don’t think that as Black People we understand the Political Process. We are under the impression that the President of the Country is the Man making the decisions in the long run. Its not like being the President of a Company. The President of the U.S. is a whole different ballgame. He don’t run JACK!! He can’t go against them unless he has a Death Wish.
    Black or White Presidents!!!! He is the Representative of Elites behind the scene. Republicans and Democrat Polititians are on the same team and part of the same controlled system. So, vote whomever you want to. They are the front people to appear separate but as soon as the cameras are off they are on the same Good Ole Boy Team. Ask yourself why the people making bad decisions for the taxpaying citizens are not affected by the decisions. How many Congressman lost their jobs, retirement, healthcare, houses, on foodstamps, etc.. NONE!!! Just like Professional Athletes are doing the game. After the game, they hang out all while using your hard earned money you used to buy tickets. Think about it…..Why would a President of his country want his people to suffer? There are other influences that control what is allowed or disallowed and mostly thru laws. And not the laws the congress front with. Final Decisions are made way in advance. Also, think about this….Why all of sudden is a Black President ALLOWED to be President after all these years of hatred toward the Black Man. Yes, I did say ALLOWED…Don’t think because we all went out and voted for him that is the reason. If some entitiy didn’t want him there he wouldn’t be there. That Entity has their reason and stay tuned because you are seeing glimpes of it and in the end the Sh** will hit the fan and you will know without a shady of a doubt why he was allowed to be President. All I can say to help you understand my point is start to Detox your mind, body and soul from all the toxic food, lies and deceptions from media. religious organizations, traditional school system training and put in your body real food and knowledge that it needs to function the way it should and go back and re-educate yourself with history and connect the dots of the TRUTH!.. You will find that things are not what they appear to be and never have been. And live your life based on Truth and a New Consciousness..

    • Well said Kat S.!

  19. I cannot recall the name who had mentioned who was killed. However, the saying goes: Whatever door ‘God” opens no man can close, and whatever door ‘God’ closes no man can open. For we must look at things that are unseen, not on things which are seen, for what is seen is temporary, and what is unseen is eternal. Black people or people as a whole cannot continue to live in fear. Fear is what keeps many from doing what they want to do is right. When ( those slaves who risked their lives to gain freedom for we Blacks today knew they would face death,but, they did it anyway. For those youth who took a stand against apartheid knew they would face death but they did it anyway. When Nate Turner killed White people he was not the animal the Whites made him out to be, he was tired of being enslaved and beaten. He put his fear behind him and forged ahead. Understand rather you live in fear or not “death” is your destination. It is up to the individual to make that stance. No one wants to die, nor do they want to live in fear. God tells all to trust and believe in him. Do you really want to believe in man. If it were up to the White man or woman and their creation it would be a world of blond bue eyed white men and women. ‘Know this there is more color on this earth than white. This is why’ they continue to keep us divided. The word ‘colorblind” was created by them. And we as people of African descent latched on to it. ‘STOP’ LYING TO YOURSELVES AND OTHERS. Ask yourself, why? Do they so vehemency continue to debase, kill, talk negatively and more about us? God created us, and the devil has been allowed on this earth, and it is he who is hear to kill, steal, and destroy who ever he can. Open your eyes and mind.

  20. Hi , as an Australian Indigenous writer, academic, playwright and poet, I learnt a long time ago in this colonized country, our votes stopped meaning something a very long time ago, let alone who the Corpocracy hoist upon the throne with Rupert Murdochs blessing. Peace and out.

  21. I am sure President Obama has learned a lot about who really runs things. I am sure he now understands why Pres. Kennedy, Dr. King and others trying to do good were stopped by the political machine and their mafia associates. President Obama has done well just to stay alive this long. I truly hope God is with him, he needs all the help he can get. The “establishment” has fought him all the way and no the “establishment” did not put him in office, the People put him in office.

  22. he needa shhut upp
    black gossip

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