Dr. Boyce: Race Written All Over Penn State Sex Scandal

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Like the rest of America, I found myself getting sick after reading about the sex abuse scandal at Penn State University. The detailed reports are nothing less than mortifying, and I am among those who believe that this university should pay tens of millions to victims and their families in order to make things right. I also find myself wondering if anyone other than former Penn State Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky should be going to jail over this – there appear to be numerous accomplices who should be losing more than their jobs.

via Your Black Politics: Dr. Boyce: Race Written All Over Penn State Sex Scandal.


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  1. My view of the incident took on new meaning when I found out that one coach walked into the shower area and found the other coach molesting a “black” young boy. I understand that “whites” identify with each other much easier than with “blacks” therefore it would have been easier to overlook the rapes of black boys as opposed to this collective of whites overlooking the rape of a child that was ‘their’ color and could have easily been ‘their’ child as well. It is part of a psychological process which causes people of the same color to favor their likeness more, and protect their likeness more. This psychological anomaly is compounded by a corrupt Anglo-elite-owned media which promotes white-supremacy and smothers and/or hides the possibility of a colorless brotherhood. I wish we would all act like a colorless family, but we have been conditioned for centuries to think of each other as detached and unrelated beings. Humans have gone even further into abysmal darkness as to find any difference in each other so as to detach themselves and hate each other. It should be noted that a specific group of ‘elite’ have long learned to instigate and exploit this dilemma for their continued nefarious gains.

    • White cavemen identify with sex with little boys because it’s what they do. Since the caves they have been raping little boys and really have no use for women, save the making babies part. I also think this is but the tip of a very big caveman iceberg.

      One other thing if you will allow me? Who in their right mind would walk in and see a child getting raped and then walk out? I’ll tell you, someone who don’t see much wrong with it. Now, put yourself in that situation and tell me you would have walked out and barely say anything?

      • I agree and I also think it has nothing to do with color as rape never does. It is a power trip.

      • Brother: There it is…..You nailed it! Unfortunately..all you’ll get now is OUR PEOPLE being the first to cry “foul”…..and hollering…”where is the evidence of there being BLACK CHILDREN” ?? I know this—because thats ALL I’M hearing! Keep on spreading the truth, brother–anyway!

      • A person who does not value our kids or kind

    • I remember hearing a quote from Madden stating that it was a sick rumor around the NFL that this Sandusky was a pedophile. How is this a sick rumor and nobody investigates this in the NFL? If people know about this rumor and chose not to at least quietly tell the proper authorities then all these folks should be put under the jail house for their corpse to rot.

    • there is no report about the kid being black…stop your race baiting! where did you get your information?

  2. I’m confused, what does this have to do with black people? There was no indication that any of the boys were black. As a graduate from PSU, I’m really happy that they finally got rid of that bastard Spanier

  3. everything in this white supremest world is about race- EVERY THING!! and to the last commenter that wanted to know what this has to do with Black people, all or most of the boys were minorities from troubled homes.

  4. This Is really really sad. We have to pray for the children and the accuser he is a sick man and need help and sholud neve have a chance to be around children again.

  5. I think all has been said.Lets pry for the children.

  6. Indeed it is not the color of the victim(s), for justice breaks barriers of race, creed, or religion. The true measure here is INJUSTICE under the guise of color. In the criminal justice apartheid system, it is as if a Black crime victim does not deserve justice. Feral officials will protect the predator thus and suppress the victim’s rights due to this deception. But EVERY VOICE COUNTS!!

    That said, if a well-respected Black coach were caught assaulting a White child of any background, would there have been a cover-up? How about if he were found assaulting a Black child?

    Paterno, McQueary and the rest of the hypocrites conspired to “wait” to blow the whistle on a racist pedophile! Therefore, they should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting [Sandosky]. Evident of the severe injustice where evil dictates to its own kind.

    Though justice has a clear memory.

  7. Are you insane! This has everything freakin thing to do with color. When have you seen a white boy being raped and someone came in on it and it not been reported unless it had to do with the priests and that foul catholic church!?!!!!! It has everything to do with color so wake the heck up!!!!! It also has a lot to do with some Black (color) fathers not being in the home or at least near by for the children. This is why these things can happen more than once. Because a real man would stay with his children and when the man/father is away the pervert will play (with your boy). Let us wake the (#&#@%@!^% ) up with these crimes. Little Becky Sue Amber Megan gets rapped and there is a bill named after her. Several young black boys are SEEN being RAPED and ain’t shyt done about it. This makes me really mad, not angry but darn right FEROCIOUSLY pissed off! What if it were your child!!!!! Anyone would be crying and badly hurt because their child is hurt for life and because it is supposed to be illegal to torture the SOB that harmed your child. Too many people want to forgive and forget. Well this is the reason we are in the condition we are in today (Black People). We frickin forgive too darn much for something we needed to take action on!!!!! Look at Sherese Iverson the 7 year old who was raped and strangled in the bathroom in a Las Vegas hotel. Gloria Alred was at a press conference and she was approached by Najee Ali,but, had nothing to say re: this issue because this child was black. Many whites do not value our lives unless we play ball or sing. (Entertainment for them) And it is so sad to say “WE DON’T VALUE OUR OWN FRICKIN LIVES”! Look at what we do to each other! Just look!!!! Young men think it is cool to be in gangs and go against their own people, but too afraid to go again the “man”. You see them saying “yes sir, no sir like little slaves caught near the water’s edge, fixin to run for freedom! But, the gangs are nothing like the Black Panthers, SNICK or any other Black Nationalist Group. They need to partner with the NOI. These gangs if they kept with the original philosophy would have put in work on anyone who dishonored a black woman, the elderly or a black child. Black men are leaving souvenir babies left and right. And it is the politicians, to Bill Cosby to, Eddie Murphy, to Puff Daddy to Bobby Brown to pro ball players to actors, musicians to the common dude who lives around the block. Then the men complain about their babies’ mammas. Well what do you expect!?!?!!!! No good male with no good female. Leaves vulnerable child, because neither one gives a good rat’s azz about the child. So in many cases the Mammy lets the kid go to some sports program for inner city youths, to get his little butt out of her hair, or out of the house and she gets screwed and so does her child. Who in the Mammy Freak is looking out for the children!!!!!!!!!? What these rappers sing about in calling SOME of these women bitches and hoes, well it fits, and some of these men are as sorry as the day is long on August 1 of any year. And that is no compliment! We have got to take responsibility for our children or stop having them. Yeah everyone knows screwing is drug-like or if it wasn’t so good feeling we would not be doing it as much. But let us all be more responsible and use protection until we are ready for children, emotionally, intellectually, psychologically, physically and financially. It is so much more than a notion in RAISING children the right way. This is simply my opinion and if you like it fine, if you don’t fine. I don’t need your response. But, I do hope you have learned something whether you agree or not!

    • You have a lot of valid points………you have a lot of people just assume we are IGNORANT etc…and that’s not true……

      They don’t realize all the accomplishment we have done…
      The problem is WE DON’T RESPECT OURSELVES…….

      PEOPLE NEED TO WATCH your children…don’t trust no one…not even your family memebers…

      When someone is so giving and caring about your child….you BETTER Watch him/her……
      Watch what he is watching on TV, look at his friends, look on his computer to see what ‘s on it….I’m getting ready to do this to my teen son’s computer….I WANT TO KNOW…and YES I’M NOSY!

    • @Ms. Using my Mind, use yours and think! says: I totally agree with everything you said. Be bless

    • you need to wake up, as of today…this has nothing to do with color. none of the victims have been identified as black. and none of the coaches involved are black. so you need to wake the heck up and stop trying to interject color into the situation without any evidence of black kids being involved. stop trying to blame the white man for everything…how about looking at the black on black crime in our own neiborhoods for starters if you want to blame someone!

  8. First of all this is very sickening …what give whites the notion that Black should be abuse and taken advantage of….and they should get away with it!

    Look at all thes white women teachers molesting little boys in school

    An what’s even sicker is that he is not going to jail or is in jail…and they are still giving him special privilege as if “Black” kids don’t matter if crime is committed on them…

    One comment that hunts me is “They are disadvantage anyway, who cares about them” …..That type of mind set is just barbaric and evil…

    This sick man was able to set up a charity org to feed his sexual appetite for young boys and when they caught him in the act NO ONE CAME TO THEES BOYS DEFENSE…

    I hope they get PAID BIG TIME….CLOSE THE SCHOOL DOWN……EVERY ONE INVOLVED get the electric chair…and sued

    If this was a Black man doing this to white kids…he would be dead now…fried

    This man still get to have his pension…as well as all involved…

    The people who saw this happened is just a GUILTY!

    These type of people go around and make bad comments about people of color and then soak in the sun and try to get with us!

    • when i first saw it on cnn, i just assumed the piece was about white kids because the the news engines were blowin’ it up. i mean i had never seen this 24 hr. coverage about a black child. but when i heard they are black i just felt like crying . sandusky was actually pimping the boys out to sponsors just like on a slave market; deciding which ones they wanted for the evening. it just makes me so angry; our babies! we have so many young boys growing up in single parent homes, and the mothers doing all they can; working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet. and she trying to find activities for the chidren to keep them off the streets. she thought that that monster would look out for her baby,however it became a nightmare! now the kids are really traumatized over this. this peckerwood figured there would be no reppercussions since the kids are black. i hope they lock all of them up behind this mess. this so sad.

    • no evidence about the kids being black.

  9. The missing prosecutor is White, so you wake up! It has everything to do with EVIL and those who suppress justice. Those who oppress and criminalize any culture, race, or religion are just that! Discrimination is used as a veil to execute their criminal intent. That is how I look at it unscreened. From my perspective, Sandusky should get the death penalty for imposing a life sentence on his victims.

    The struggle is to fight a straight fight for Justice. Unfortunately, if we are disunified, we just can’t do that, can we?

  10. This is what I have to say…I would like to address young women of color 1st-please stop having children by men who do not give a damn! To the young men of color-stop having children with women that you do not intend to maintain a relationship with. The reasons mentioned are some of the reasons why our babies are hurt and wronged by people from the cradle to the grave! I have read about how this animal claims to have wanted to help troubled youth-really? If there were some real Black men there, just to look out for the boys, would this have happened? How can an individual actually witness a rape and walk away? Easy, the boy did not look like him! When this story totally breaks open, we all may be surprised at who is involved and where the trail leads…protect your children and be watchful of everybody, friends, relatives, and coaches too…please don’t think this crap only happens to boys either, you need to watch you girls too as female pedophiles do exist in this world…read some of the stories about young females in tennis and basketball!

  11. Child sex is much much bigger than the media will ever admit! This is a CULTURAL PRACTICE among some elite whites…a catholic bishop in Missouri just got outta court for protecting a priest who filmed children…of course the catholic church has child sex and molestation cases all around the world…one SMALL diocese in Ireland had 100 allegations!!! And the whole country of Belgium has had sexual abuse allegations in 100% (ALL) of its catholic churches!!! The worst part about it is that the vatican has done NOTHING to stop this epidemic.

    It’s not just the church. Some of Queen Elizabeth’s guards at Windsor castle were arrested for running a pedophilia ring, and God knows that it is practice in the queen’s circle of friends…and many of you will remember that the Washington Times ran a story on 6/29/89 on a child sex ring in the White House!

    And this is only what we know about….

  12. Be your kids own mentor, let your kids look up to you, be your kids hero, keep your eyes and ears open, if you can afford it, stay home and watch your own kids, if you cannot afford your kids, do not have them, do not arbitrarily have kids by daddy’s you know are not going to be around, you can’t make them and child support if you can get it does not replace that need for a mother and father!
    1. No one will take care of your kids better than you will
    2. Do not expect for someone to take care of your kids better than you can
    3. If someone professes to want to take care of your kids better than you, they are probably molesting them

  13. @ using my mind:: Do you and are you outraged when BLACKS molest BLACKS? There is NO color line to a molester. We can not and should not make a difference between what this white man did to these black children any worse than what a black molester does to their own.

    In fact that is worse. For our own to rape their own young is losing trust and disrespect within our own race.

    Where is the outrage when that happens? Where is it? Why does it show only when whites disrespect us?

    Respect and INtregrity starts at home…we can not and should not ever be blind to that. lets not make the children that were raped by blacks feel less important than those raped by whites. Now we are no better than those that raped them.

    It is NOT a color issue…It is a criminal offense.

    I cant change the world I know…But I will not lower myself those a level of hatred and stupidity and change facts from molesting to a racial issue…. It isnt about color…Lets not change the facts…it is about RAPE rape of a child period

    I am smarter than that

  14. How is this Penn State sex scandal a race thing. Then all of the people involved are White. I think its more of a cover up……

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