Disgusting: Teacher Accused Of Making Black Students Rub Her Feet During Class (VIDEO)

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South Carolina school district  is investigating after a first-grader complained about having to rub her teacher’s feet.

A district representative said the district has launched a full investigation, appropriate action has been taken and the situation has been rectified. But that’s not nearly enough for some parents.

“She admitted to the children rubbing her feet,” said Brenda Norris. “Just the thought of it… They immediately sent her home, but she’s back there today.”

Norris is far from satisfied after her 6-year-old granddaughter, who is in first grade, came home from Batesburg-Leesville Primary School last Wednesday to said she was “tired of rubbing her teacher’s feet.”

via Teacher Accused Of Making Black Students Rub Her Feet During Class (VIDEO).


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  1. WTH is wrong with people!

  2. Thank You, to the little girl for telling her grandmother that the teacher had her to rub her feet in class. All children should take a lesson from this child. That no matter who the person is, if they ask you to do something strange, please report it to someone you trust.
    Good Job little Lady

  3. That is absolutely awful. Your poor grandchild- you may need to change her class, so she has a different teacher. I cannot imagine asking children to rub feet. That sounds like that teacher wasn’t even thinking with good, common sense. Hug your little one for me. She has been traumatized and I know, with a wonderful grandmother like you, you’ll be helping her work her way through getting over the trauma. Bless her heart-she was “doing what she was told” and it resulted in her being used like a maid or employee or worse. I wouldn’t have wanted my child touching those feet. How nasty- you have my complete support in your attempt to make things right for ALL the children and your granddaughter may need a day to stay home and get spoiled by her grandmom. You take care and thank goodness you were aware of what happened and that your granddaughter feels she can confide in you. She sounds like an angel of a child and like you have done a great job raising her. I always told my kids at school that if something felt funny or not right to them, to immediately get or go to an adult they trusted and tell them whatever it was that made them not feel right. I wish you all blessings and good luck in your communication with the school and if your little one was so tired, it must have been a good while that she was doing that. How nasty- and I would be sure that the school paid for her to be tested to make sure she didn’t catch a staph infection, as those feet didn’t look very clean to me. So sorry this happened to your sweet granddaughter. Take good care. Sincerely, Emmie Gorrell

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