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by Dr. Christina Edmondson

If you think a fair-weather friend is bad, just wait until you experience a frenemy.

Frenemies, you know, those people who claim to be your friend but secretly enjoy seeing you hurt, embarrassed, and/or stagnant. Folks who speak and let the chips fall where they may. Recently, I saw this very thing at play while watching some mindless television programming. TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta” provides a stress-free combination of fantastic dresses and drama. The drama that ensues stems from the brides and the folks she brings along to assist her in selecting her dream gown. During one segment of the show a twenty-something Black bride-to-be arrived at the boutique with her entourage of “keep it real” girlfriends.

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  1. You think it would be enough that relationships between men and women can turn toxic, it’s a shame that friendships can turn toxic as well. The Frenemy phenomenon is so strange. Thanks for shedding some light.

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