10 People Not to Accept As Facebook Friends

Clutch Magazine: 10 People Not to Accept As Facebook Friends

Facebook has become a landmine of exes (ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-bosses, ex-friends). It has also become a melting pot of stalkers and salesmen pitching everything from cheap shoes to weird threesomes. When you throw in family you’d rather not talk to to and classmates you’d rather not remember, many people are finding they need some assistance navigating the cyber-social landscape.

Clutch Magazine’s,Luvvie Ajayi, creates a hilarious list of people one should not accept as friends on Facebook. Our favorite:


Club promoters
No offense, but if your only source of income is being a club promoter, then please don’t add me as a friend. Not that there’s anything wrong with this job, but it usually means you’re desperate to get folks to your parties because, hello, that’s how you make money (which is awesome because it’s a recession and all that). But seriously, I’m pretty sure I’m not coming. So before you flood my Facebook inbox with invites I’ll just ignore, just know that I’m not the one to add. I’m not coming to “grown and sexy” Saturdays and reading “LEEEHHH GGOOO!!!” doesn’t make me hype about anything besides better schools.


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