Boxing Great Joe Frazier Dies at the Age of 67

joe frazier dies at the age of 67

Former heavyweight champ of the world Joe Frazier has died of liver cancer.  Frazier was the first fighter to defeat Muhammad Ali at the age of 67.

Frazier and Ali fought in three of the biggest fights in boxing history during the 1970s.  The epic battles were among the great legends of boxing, with the biggest being the “Thrilla in Manilla.”

Frazier was a short, strong fighter who punished even the great Muhammad Ali on occasion.  He laid a left hook on Ali in the 15th round at Madison Square Garden to win what was then called the “Fight of the Century.”

Muhammad Ali has said that he is praying for Frazier.


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  1. RIP to a great fighter.

  2. I grew up walking distance from Joe Frazier’s gym. My thoughts of him being a great dude were confirmed when I interviewed him for an article back in 2002 when he spoke at my daughters’ middle school in Frederick, MD. Smokin’ Joe will get his statue. If Hoagie City can have a monument for fictional “Rocky,” then the first man to beat Ali deserves his due, too…

  3. Please get your facts straight. “Frazier was the first fighter to defeat Muhammad Ali at the age of 67.”
    That, of course, is inaccurate.

  4. it brings tears to eyes to read of the passing of one of the greatest warriors of boxing; may his soul rest in peace . bye joltin joe

  5. Smokin Joe was one of the greatest. I pray him and Ali were able to mend some fences before his passing. Much love to his family.

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  7. I always said Joe Frazier was my childhood hero. I remember in elementry school while he was champion, I did a book report on him and I learned so much about him. I was a fan of Joe Frazier before he first fought Ali and won the title. Being too young to remember Ali when he was banded from boxing, my earliest memories are of Joe Frazier. When I first saw them two together (Ali-Frazier), all I saw was a humble brother against a boastful brother, no disrepect to Ali.

    Over the years and after Fraziers lost to George Foreman, Ali was some how able to manipulate some blacks into thinking Frazier was the whitemans champion. After remembering my book report in elementary school on Frazier and seeing him with my own eyes, I never, never, got that image of Frazier being a whitemans champion or an uncle tom…something else Ali some how made him to be in some peoples eyes. I knew that was mostly Ali promoting, but to this day, I think some blacks still thought Frazier was what Ali said. I mean even a seven year old child today could look at some old clips of Frazier and they could see that wasn’t truth. If it were true, Ali wouldn’t have been the first one saying it.

    The boxing world lost a legend in Smokin Joe. We love you Joe. May you rest in peace.

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