Black Atheists: “We Don’t Need God!”

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If you are black and atheist, do you feel comfortable sharing your disbelief in God with friends and family?

Many black nonbelievers do not. The New York Times reports that, while most black Americans overwhelmingly believe in God to some degree, those who do not find it nearly impossible to discuss their beliefs with loved ones.

“My mother is very devout,” said Mr. Adams, 30, a Washington resident who has published an atheist children’s book, “Aching and Praying,” but who in high school considered becoming a Baptist preacher. “She started telling me her issues with homosexuality, which were, of course, Biblical,” he said. “ ‘I just don’t care what the Bible says about that,’ I told her, and she asked why. ‘I don’t believe that stuff anymore.’ It got silent. She was distraught. She told me she was more bothered by that than the revelation I was gay.”

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  1. Hooray for the young man! He is thinking! Beyond its many myths, Christianity requires “Jesus worshippiing”, which is white male worshipping. Most black people don’t understand that Christianity is a subliminal promoter and advocate for white supremacy. Christianity requires black men to bow down to the image of a white male (Jesus Christ) and thus black men become complicit in their own psychological oppression and racial denigration. In 1861, Jefferson Davies, the President of the Confederacy, indicated that Negro slaves were provided with careful religious instructions. And today, Christianity still keeps many black men in almental state of submissiveness and subordination to white men.

  2. One must believe in something! If there is no belief, one is doomed!

    • Why don’t you try “knowing” it’s a step above believing and it would help you to loose that feeling of doom. ” You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Let’s not be lazy.

  3. I am not an atheist, But to most christian negroes, if you don’t believe in the bible or believe in jesus then you don’t believe in God. There in lies the problem. Most negroes and whites haven’t the slightest clue concerning the concept of “God.” We are overdosed with religion and it is difficult finding God in religion especially if you don’t seek to know but prefer to believe.

    • you are so right….

    • Concur. I have always said that religion is the words and agenda of men posing as the words of God and is far removed from the practice of Spirituality. I have also stated that if the Devil exists he created religion…

  4. I am so very glad to see that many Black people are beginning that there is no god, no devil, no heaven, no hell. All of this crap was made up by whites many, many many years ago to whip the less fortunate into submission. For the ones who think everyone must believe in something, WRONG. What is there to believe in? Leprechauns? Elves? What are we doomed for??? There is nothing. You live, you die, the end.

  5. There is a God who loves you and has provided a way for you to know Him. He wanted you to know that He does exist and deliberately provided proof through prophecies in the Bible. The prophecies are facinating and undisputable.
    There is also an adversary that wants you to doubt God’s existence. He is the father of lies, and very convincing. He will convince you that there is no God by any means available to him.
    Ask His Son, Jesus Christ to come into your life. Jesus said that you must come to Him to get to God. So, ask Him. If you are sincere, then He will not refuse . He has no preferrence regarding race or nationalities. You will develop a personal relationship with God and communicate with Him.
    There are reasons why one refuses knowing God and refuses His love. One reason is the pursuit of desires that aren’t ok with God. Another reason is the prefference of what’s wrong instead of what’s right. Thirdly, ignorance is a huge factor with believers and non-beievers. Whatever is holding you back from asking, don’t let it stop or delay you from coming to God. Come as you are.
    It never ceases to amaze me that many atheists have not read the Bible or do not understand the Bible. As a young man, I had my doubts also. 37 years ago, I started to study the Bible. It never gets old. It never fails. It is God’s love letter to you and me. He has made promises and revelations for you and me. He loves you. Seek, and you will find.

  6. Yes there are black people who have sufficient intellect to see though the fairy tales.

  7. Negroes!?

  8. Actually my studies of the Old Testament in college, taught by an ordained minister, is what raised my doubts in Christianity! Well written, yes, a good read, but by man. These puzzles and tests and prophecies, as well as the older, already established religions from all other parts of the world all seemed to be based on what man could not understand, or did not know! Of course anyone professing to know more than the next person was then a prophet or apostle or minister, what have you, a position. Of power and influence. Much like today! When all other aspects of the world changes and evolves, man does not, he got to believe in an unknown, man-made entity for guidance? To make it rain, for good fortune, to save you from the forces of darkness? They all already exist in man, the problems, and the solutions, but evidently someone must profit in others belief in the supernatural to maintain their centuries old control, as well this capitalist economic regime that is, if you are a believer, prop able the most evil and sadistic in history! As Blacks, that should be painfully obvious. But to believe in the lie, is to be controlled by it, hence, adding fuel to the instrument of our own demise. Just my observation.

  9. I find it strange that some black people actually believe that Christianity is the "white man's religion, and use that as an excuse to deny that there is a Savior and a true God. These people call themselves intelligent and educated. The bible is a technical book and explores many mysteries of physics, the sciences, astronomy, and human behavior. Moreover, anyone who has read the book can see that it is not about whites. But, it is better that these people go on in their atheism. If they started to believe, they would be dangerous.

  10. I am not talking here about my faith. I am just sharing some thoughts and questions. Why is it that we as Black people have so completely embraced Christianity and Islam. These are both the religious and cultural traditions of peoples who have enslaved us. These are religions with cultural roots that are not ours. Why do they have religions rooted in their respective cultures but we don’t have a religion rooted in African culture? The Japanese and Chinese have religions rooted in their culture. They never abandoned the religions rooted in their respective cultures for Islam or Christianity. The Europeans were very serious and determined to root their religion in their culture. There were no people named Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John but the Europeans were able to ‘find’ 12 disciples with European names in First Century Jerusalem. There were no Nordic people in Jerusalem but Jesus is depicted mostly as Nordic. The notion of Black inferiority is enshrined in the lexicon and the narratives of both Christianity and Islam. We are the kaffirs of Islam and the cursed sons of Ham in Christian mythology.

  11. People are so brainwashed, I don't even waste my time anymore. I just SMH & keep it moving. Religious people are fake! They claim to love everyone but they real only love the ones who " think" like them. I'm done hiding it but I don't flaunt it either. My beliefs are my beliefs & I live MY life on MY terms.

  12. I’m a non-believer and a Secular Humanist on top of that. and Black/Native American. I gave up religion exactly two years ago and never looked back. the funny thing about religion is that there are more than a thousand gods all over the world, including the ones from all three Abrahamic Religions.

    If you want to know why black people no longer believe, I’ll give you a reason: It’s because gods, religion and spirituality are nothing more than fairy tales that people made up thousands of years ago while on narcotics.

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