Woman Locked Up for 53 Days for Being Named ‘Teresa’

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A special message for all you Teresas out there: stay the hell out of Atlanta for a while. If you already live there, flee at once! Otherwise you could end up getting arrested and jailed for almost two months because of your first name, like Teresa Culpepper was.

Back in August, Culpepper called the police to report that her truck had been stolen. Instead of assisting her, police handcuffed her and hauled her off to the Fulton County Jail, where she spent 53 days for an aggravated assault allegedly committed by a different Teresa. “Her birth date didn’t match. Her address didn’t match. Her description didn’t match. Other than the name Teresa, nothing matched” the actual suspect’s information, Culpepper’s attorney told the news. Culpepper regained her freedom after receiving help from a public defender.


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  1. dam hope my sis teresa dont get caught up like that

  2. I hope Ms. Culpepper sues the city and wins!

  3. Teresa is a common first name. What’s up with the ATL PD? these cops need to get a grip!!!!!

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