Why did Tyra’s hair fall out?

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We might all think that Tyra Banks keeps it together all the time, and she normally does.  But she recently spoke candidly about how the stress in her life hit her in a tough place – on her scalp.

During an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Banks revealed that  “I got a little alopecia from the stress.”

By “the stress,” Banks was referring to the time she spent writing her book “Modelland,” for young adults, while trying to manage everything else she has going on.

“How can I say this without tearing up?” She asked.

“Writing a book can definitely be a stressor that can lead to hair loss, or alopecia” says Orr Barak, MD, a dermatologist at Main Line Dermatology in Philadelphia.

Dr. Barak believes that Banks had “telogen effluvium,” a form of hair loss that is caused by stress.

Dr. Barak says that the reasons for this kind of hair loss boil down to the fact that when you are stressed, your hair spends less time in the “growing phase” and more time in the “resting phase.”  Typically, our hair is growing 80 – 90 percent of the time, and resting for the remainder.

“When the body undergoes a stressor, the hair follicle is affected and a new equilibrium is set for the hair cycle,” Barak says. The rate may fall to say, 60 percent of its time in the growing cycle and 40 percent in the resting phase. This down shift causes more hair to fall out, and you see more of it in your brush or shower drain.”

So, it’s been established.  Tyra Banks’ career may be growing, but her hair is not.  Maybe she needs to slow down.



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  1. Well, Tyra wears alot of fake hair as well, so her hair hasn’t been able to breathe very much over the years from being covered up. There was alot of stress put on her hair by products and straightenings and pulling and extensions, etc. So along with stress she has all of that to think about as well. She may end up wearing wigs or extensions or attachments whatever you call them for the rest of her life if she doesn’t learn how to relax. Life will go on if she isn’t moving 100mph.

  2. this is typical of alot of hollywood types. Lots of models and actresses do not have their own hair anymore because of stress and bright lights.

  3. This is a wake up call! I believe the answer is connected to the chemicals used in hairweaves and braiding that Black Women have unknowingly been victims of. I have for years been trying to get the Environmental Protection and Department of Health to test the chemicals used in both fake and human hair which I highly suspect is the problem. Because this industry is a Billion Dollars industry and overwhelmingly affecting Black Women this issues goes ignored. Years ago periodic braiding and weaving grew our hair, now it’s causing baldness and other illness that may be connected. I have been researching early and habitual wearing braids, weaves etc., the result being balding of the sides, crown and pattern baldness in young girls, and women wearing fake/human hair. We see this now being experienced by Tara, Serena and I’m sure other habitual celebrity weave wearers (especially Black) who are too embarassed to come forth. It’s too bad nothing has been done until celebritiies maybe affected, and then as this article suggest it is stress (which can be a cause) as opposed to testing the hair weaves and chemicals used that have constant contact with the scalp of the habitual user! It’s time for Black Women to demand what chemicals and processing is used in braids/weave hair and it’s health affects on the women buying and using it. I highly suspect the answer lies in the chemicals used!


    • Terry your response was callous and hostile. Anytime anyone loses hair on your head it is a very unsettling situation. My guess it would more complicated if one is a TV personality. I would advocate for regulations because it is obvious that chemicals used in the fake hair is causing baldness. Also if women do not take the braids out and wash their hair frequently that can also cause damage. Terry lighten up and have a heart. I hope that Tara finds a solution and that her hair grows back and anyone else out there who is suffering from alopecia.

  5. I think she is brave to come o ut with this info concerning her condition. Hope others who are dealing with this will be informed and encouraged.

  6. Juanita, I agree with you. What Terry said was mean, callous and ghetto language. If she doesn’t want to hear about Tyra Banks hair loss, then just move it along and go to another site. It is not necessary to leave a mean comment. This is Not an article about jobs and the economy. There are enough websites out there with topics about jobs and the economy where she can air her complaints. My mom always says a woman’s hair is her crown and glory. There are many women out there who are losing or have lost a significant amount of hair. It can be devastating for any women. There are women like me who have Hashimotos Disease and hair loss seems to go with the territory. Its a hard thing to live with especially when there doesn’t seem to be much help for patients like me. If anyone can offer suggesions, it would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Stess combined with Hair Augmentations are a good way to become a member of the hair club.

  8. I am writing a book and I can related how stressful it can be !!!!

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