Why are Our Daddies Missing? A New Film Tries to Figure Out Why

the new film, "Father's Day?" Explores the fatherless problem in black America

Squeaky Moore and Ashley Shante are making things happen with the new film, “Father’s Day?”  The film explores the impact of fatherless homes on Black Americans.  A behind-the-scenes clip is below.  The bottom clip is the trailer for the film.


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  1. So you guys can’t figure out why so many daddies are missing? Let’s pretend that we don’t know that most women who fall out with the baby’s daddy push him off the ship so that can find another baby daddy. Let’s pretend that we don’t know that when many children are born, we don’t even know who the baby’s daddy is. That’s why the first procedure in in a court ordered support hearing is dna testing.

    Of course, don’t take my word for it. Just hang out in any family court.

    You guys don’t know why so many baby daddies are missing. Unreal.

  2. The process is backwards. A man is supposed to become a husband, then become a father. As long as women are comfortable being baby mommas they won't have nothing but baby daddies.

    • As long as "men" are comfortable with having babies' mommas and are okay with being babies' daddies…it goes both ways….

    • No matter how much super glue you apply to it, you can't stop a rolling stone from moving on. It's like being upset with the garbage man for coming home smelling like trash everyday, what do you expect? You can't put a snake in your jeans then get mad because it bites you.

    • You can play the blame game ALL u like BUT The Destruction of Black Civilization is very R E A L!! Black America is falling APART, there is NO structure! Family values seems to not exist with the Black community! NO R E S P E C T for each other. always pointing fingers at everyone or thing for the problemS that EXIST!!! You can't build a home withOUT structure!! Just as you can raise a family withOUT strong S U P P O R T OR STRUCTURE!!!!!!!!!!! STOP THE FUCKING BLAMING AND START AT GROUND ZERO and figure out what went wrong and how it can be FIXED.

    • Yes, but the Black man is trying to turn himself white then what the hell does he give about the Black civilization after that? Look at those yellow kids that Flava Flav has. That's what I'm talking about.

    • Seychan Lewis As much as I don't like your comment I do have to say that you are right.

    • Seychan, it can't be said any simpler than that.

      This discussion can now be closed of further commentary.

  3. The Replies I have well so far are so real and truthful, WELL SAID!

  4. This guy Seychan Lewis is speaking the type of truth that MANY in the black community does not want to hear. You have so many children being born into broken and jacked situations today that it is crazy. Men and women that don't hardly know anything about each other are having sex and having babies that are doomed from jump. And yes, it does go both ways…Great post Mr. Lewis…

  5. I always thought it was the 60’s movement that gave everything to empower the woman. so now women know how strong they can be. in the meantime who was teaching and empowering the men? Oh that’s right, they was already empowered; so their empowerment lessons stopped somewhere along that line. now we are dealing w/sons who never got those empowerment measures because their dads already had too much.
    STILL, we are ALL told that after a certain age we’re supposed to be held responsible for our own ways; at least that’s what they been telling us girls!

  6. Why are we blaming only the men.. It takes two to make a baby. Most young parents listen to the wrong people.and where is the support system that we used used to have in our families and communities.

  7. this story should always begin with how females choose their men, then go on to discuss why those deadbeats left them raising kids alone. it takes two.

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