Watch Herman Cain and Bill Clinton Go at it In a Public Debate

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Herman Cain goes head-to-head with Bill Clinton

Herman Cain tries to hold his own in a public debate with Bill Clinton. Both men are cool as cucumbers and make their points well. You might not like Herman Cain, but it’s hard to call him a dummy.

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  1. Cain is is a jerk.

  2. Herman Cain did sound very intelligent when he made his points to President Clinton. But a black man that could stand on the sidelines and let the civilrights movement happen and not participate, will never have his own community support him. Cain speaks words that allow white conservatives to say ‘Well Cain Said it First, Why Can’t I”. If you don’t have a job its your fault, or racism no longer exsits in this country. Can we really get behind such this Man?????

  3. Why would you say, “you may not like Herman Cain…” Of course I like him. He has more experience and intelligence then the man in the office now. Let’s not be prejudice.

  4. Herman Cain is a bought “Uncle Tom”. All of the gains he has made in life came from the sweat and tears of people he is afraid to mention, He is a disgrace,

  5. It has always been easy to call a black man a dummy. I hear it all the time when there are conversations about Obama. When I ran for sheriff in colorado in 1982 it was against a high school grad with minimal law enforcement experience, but I was was the one not qualified with my college education, and San Francsico PD experience. I was Regional Director in a land company that made more money in a month than the annual budget of the Adams County Sheriff’s Department.

  6. Why is it when ever a black man does not agree with the Democratic party ,you label him an “UNCLE TOM” You are showing your ignorance then. I do not follow the party line. I`m an Independent. That means I think for myself. I do not wait to hear what your view is to make a choice. You are an educated black man supposedly, then start acting like one, and stop degrading another black man ,because you do not agree with him !!!
    that is the problem with black people. I`m willing to bet ,black folks voted for Obama, just because he was black. And they thought for some stupid reason ,he would make everything okay for black people. If you know anything about human nature, that would be impossible for him to do. That would be politcal suicide.
    Wake up !

    • Why is it whever a black person disagrees with a black conservative thier called a dummy by the black conservative?

    • “and stop degrading another black man, because you do not agree with him !!!”

      I read your post and it’s filled with statements that would lead one to think you are totally out of touch. You say stop degrading another Black man because you don’t agree with him. This is the No. 1 reason why Herman Cain is a fake and a phony. With all that Black people have been through and struggled with; here is a Black man (supposedly) degrading another Black man in a public forum because he doesn’t agree with him. You can’t have it both ways. Barack Obama, like him or not is a Black man and has done something no other Black man has come close to doing and for anybody that calls themselves Black to disrespect or degrade him in any way should rethink their own heritage. Herman Cain was right when he said Black people are brainwashed; but the only ones are those who think they’d be better off with anyone other than Barack Obama in the White House.

    • Who are you to even try to make assumptions about the black race. For your information I voted for President Obama because to see McCain in office and that barbie doll would have been a huge mistake. Let’s not forget that these issues of the economy did not happen while President Clinton was in office and for the next 8 years we were on a decline with the republicans in office, so forgive me I for one did not want to see yet another lying hypocrite in office who spoke to the rich while the middle class and the poor suffered. As for Cain he is an “Uncle Tom” he is a fake and to even suggest that he is anything other than the flavor of the week is stupid on your part!

    • He is a classic Uncle Tom. Herman CainFish is indefensible. Anyone that would try to defend this man, that is a reflection on them. Herman CainFish aligns himself with Whites that have a very low opinion of Blacks. He loves Rush Limbaugh, who insults Blacks each and everyday. He aligns himself with the Sean Hannity’s, the Glen Beck’s, whites that are determined to turn back the clock on the gains made by Blacks during the Civil Rights Era.
      When Herman Cain and his chauffeur daddy capitulated to going to the back of the bus, to this very day, he has remained in the back of the bus.

    • I believe in freedom of speech. I have no problem with an African American being a Republican just as I have no problem with African American Democrats. But it’s disingenuous to say the least for anyone and in particular an African American to negate or deny the effect of racial injustice in American society. What I have observed with Herman Cain is that he’s either an ignoramus or disingenuous at best.

  7. You do not have to agree with me, and I do not care if you do. get a grip, There are too many young black people that listen to you, and you are sending the wrong message.

  8. I will call him a “dummy.” When Lawrence O’Donnell was interviewing this moron, he stated that he did not participate in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s because he was took young. He graduated from High School and went to college in 1963, at the height of the civil rights movement. That is a blatant contradiction of the point that he was trying to make.
    He would not allow a tough Black Journalist to interview him if his life depended on it. He prefers white journalist, because he know that they are reluctant to trap him in a contradiction, which is easy to do, and he can yell back, “racism.” A Black journalist (a tough one, a real one, not a Clarence Page, or a Eugene Robinson, but a Al Sharpton, a Dr. Dyson, a George Curry, etc.) would mop the floor with this fool, and leave him at a loss for words.
    One can easily conclude that this guy made his money by appeasing white people. He makes white people feel comfortable with their white supremacist views. There is nothing smart about this disgraceful buffoon. He is a 21st Century Stepin Fetchit, a Eddie Rochester Anderson, a Mantan Moreland.

    • Dude don’t be so hard on Cain, a lot of black folks sat on the sidelines during the Civil Rights days.Heck a black women tried to kill King in Harlem.Now black folks like Cindi Rice claims not to have been aware of the movement in Bermingham in 1963 when her father’s best friend was one of KIngs closest aid (hosea William) Of course when she talked to an audience of black folk however she regains her memory.Or Armstong Williams who said he had a problem as a child with the black folks who didn’t help his father rebuild thier barn after some local white folks burned it down.

      • A Black man that would be so devoid of personal integrity, that they would sit on the sidelines while other blacks were being tortured, and murdered, in an attempt to gain their constitutional rights in this nation, has no leadership qualities whatsoever. It does explain his propensity to align himself with white people that have a negative opinion of Blacks.
        I certainly did not sit out the civil rights movement. My father and mother certainly did not sit out the civil rights movement. Herman CainFish is a coward! He runs to whites in order to belittle Blacks for their satisfaction. That is a classic Uncle Tom. How you could defend this disgraceful man is beyond my comprehension.

    • Thank you! I saw him on a Sunday morning talk show and he could not articulate clearly his 9 9 9 plan to the moderators satisfaction and you could se he was clearly getting totally frustrated which to me was comical, but the one thing he kept doing that truly bugged me was the way he kept licking his lips it reminded me of a serpent! I was even more amused when the moderator asked him who was one his models on the Supreme Court and after stuttering way to long, he finally said the name that I said first, Clarence Thomas, another clueless “Uncle Tom” I was laughing so hard that my sides hurt, I guess he would say him since they are both cut from the same clothe.

  9. It’s normal that any man should play politics hence, man is a political man.
    However, everybody belongs in a particular human grouping, where we find ourselves
    , therefore it’s natural that one be original, dedicated and protective of one’s cause.
    I want to beleive that Herman Cain, is a good politician, but to debase his race for political gains
    might boomarang in the end.

  10. I wish God would remove all these ignorant “Niggers” from America and bless my African American Brothers & Sisters to take control. We had Great People like Doctor King, who fought and died for us to have a Great Life but now we are going back to days of slavery. Especially since the racist have become so jealous of Presiden Obama. Our enemies are proud of having people like herman cain helping them destroy us.

    By: David W. Johnson, Jr.

    Since we seem to like fighting so much, I got an idea
    Instead of fighting one another, let fight our enemies
    For our President and our Race, more we have to care
    The racist again want to see us just hanging from trees

    Thanks to supporters the Health Care Plan was passed
    It’s God’s message that we have a Real Man President
    African American again are called the “N” word and harassed
    Whomever did it, should have been beat to the cement

    First of all, we must stop calling ourselves that racist name
    Passing of this bill is just the beginning of our troubles
    The President’s enemies will still try to put him to shame
    They will enjoy hurting him like children blowing bubbles

    Listening to the radio or watching the News it was not easy
    Racist was degrading our President without any shame
    Trust me; what they might be planning makes me very uneasy
    Wakeup Brothers and Sisters, this is by far no longer a game

    If we want to stay in this game of success let’s lend support
    Our enemies but not our President wants to see us long gone
    They smile when they see us in caskets or handcuffs in court
    Prefer us in graves or prison yards, not our front lawn

    Brothers and Sisters, we must stop destroying one another
    As adults, if we stop our children will also do the same
    God want us to love and respect, not shot and kill each other
    Stop killing one another like it’s a Playstation or X-Box game

    There is a law in the works to bring in our replacement Race
    Things taking place everyday, many of us don’t have a hint
    Everybody does not like you because of a smile on their face
    We all need to, “Support Our President & Our Families”

    Stop Sitting Around Ignoring Our Problems
    Children Need Help Adults Need Help

    By David W. Johnson, Jr.

    When will adults wakeup to the dumbness we are doing?
    Adults we are just destroying ourselves and our children
    Thanks to our neglect, death is what children are pursing
    Why, because they have few adults on whom to depend

    Adults stop blaming the children and look in the mirror
    Gone are the days when communities looked out for all
    Now communities drink, drug, rob, kill and live in terror
    Instead of helping our children, adults watch them brawl

    Schools rec. centers and libraries, closing on a daily bases
    You know what’s opening, jails, prisons and liquor stores is
    Giving children a few positive but lots of negative places
    African American lives these days are more like show biz

    A poor little baby’s body placed in a bag and left in a park
    Mother charged with murder of child’s body found inside the bag
    We abuse our children but run outside soon as our pet dog bark
    Tell me, why wouldn’t something like this throw up a red flag

    Instead of trying to help some can read this an actually laugh
    A worthless father beat, raped and impregnated his daughters
    People like that should be jailed and ignored like a rotten shaft
    Like pigs and cattle, perverts should be subject the slaughters

    Adults, you want positive changes in yours and children’s lives?
    Mother and son raped, killed and scaled disabled woman
    Parents, children need role-models not drugs, guns and knives
    So hard for a woman or child to find an honest and sincere man

    Males, stop thinking getting a female pregnant makes you a Man
    You are like knickknacks setting on your grandmother’s shelves
    Stop falling for our enemies games and get yourself a Real Plan
    Right now we are “Playing Destructive Games With Ourselves”

    By: David W. Johnson, Jr.

    Well Brothers and Sisters, we have another wakeup call
    A New Law Allows Loaded Guns In Our National Parks
    Will we now have even more of our names on deaths wall
    Nothing but more hatred and racism will such laws spark

    Would they pass a law like that for Inner-City Citizens?
    Course not; they do not care about their lives being saved
    They consider us losing our lives as merely misdemeanors
    These people prefer us in our graves or have us re-enslaved

    Firearms will remained banned in federal buildings
    Can be carried in private lodges & concession stands
    To Our Children, a lot more deaths these type laws brings
    Hey, let’s take control of our lives into our very own hands!

    Doesn’t have anything to do with Race, a lot of you will say
    Pass laws that if not hunting only police can carry weapons
    For some politician’s stupidity, with dead bodies, we will pay
    Very, very soon African Americans will loose lives by the tons

    Do I believe African Americans will be the only ones dying?
    No but the racists does not care if non-racist loose their lives
    When we loose our lives they like seeing our loved ones crying
    No more college degrees, they want us killed by guns or knives

    Who in their right minds would want guns around little babies
    If it is done illegally, that’s one thing but making it legal is crazy
    Such people should be locked in a cage with wolves with rabies
    Unless we protest this law, we truly are sorry, worthless and lazy

    Chris W. Cox, NRA’s chief lobbyist, is a supporter of the law
    Probably consider African Americans nothing more than pest
    Even think we should still be in fields picking cotton or bailing straw
    WAKEUP, we are “Returning To The Days Racist Love The Best”

  14. Rather Lie, Ignore, Contribute To…Instead Of Helping Resolve
    By: David W. Johnson, Jr.

    Citizens want the politicians, police, lawyers, judge to bring about change
    They want these individuals to bring about change while they do nothing
    Meanwhile too many of us are just being shot like targets on a firing range
    Adults are going backwards and we are not offering our children anything

    What is so hard to understand about having to have an education to survive?
    Look at yourselves, you do not have any and you are homeless or close to it
    We need to encourage our children to have an education drive, not a sex drive
    Instead of raising children properly these “so-called” adults have all but quit

    African Americans are so quickly disappearing and “niggers” are reappearing
    The last things our children need in their lives are “niggers,” drugs and gangs
    Everyday deaths are being broadcasted but we act as if we have loss our hearing
    We can’t seem to see that our enemies are surrounding us like wolves with fangs

    Closing my eyes every night my God shows me Angels flying around in Heaven
    Opening my eyes every day, Satan shows me murderous, pedophiles and robbers
    Sad to hear about a mother being stabbed by her son but even worse at age seven
    Children will continue to die and go to prison until adults come up with answers

    How can you set at home or rush home from work to watch “One Life To Live?”
    Those people are just acting, getting rich and most of their children are in college
    Soap-Operas can count on you but to children you have nothing positive to give
    Wake-up Communities, our neglect, let’s stop and our children, less acknowledge

    You are ignoring those trying to get out the message and ignoring our children
    Everyone is suffering due to the economy but African Americans will suffer longer
    We just keep talking about bringing about change but less stop the talking and begin
    Back in the days of Dr. King and even before, males were Men and so much stronger

    Women today knows what it’s going to take to Save Our Children and there are trying
    Men are trying too but the majority is males and they just refuse to become involved
    It appears they think that what makes them Men is robbing, killing, babies and lying
    Males and females, “Rather Lie, Ignore, Contribute To…Instead Of Helping Resolve”

    Man.. .. A Male.. .. A Woman.. ..A Female..

    Which One Are You? For Our Children’s Sake, Hopefully A MAN or WOMAN!

  15. I for myself I do have a problem with Black me denying the shoulders they rode on. I think any Black man that denies that is a unmodern day uncle tom. White people give credit to ther heritage all the time. If it wasnt for guys like MLK, Jackie Robinson, Earl Lloyd, Marion Montly. we wouldnt be enjoying the fruits of their labor now. Thurgood Marshall was black thru and thru. When i hear herman cain say he didnt participate in the civil rights movement because he was too young. I say bunk. He was in the middle of it as a black college student. what he meant to say is: He chose not to participate. and he is a liar if he says he hasnt felt racism in this country. Oh, by the way, where is Godfather pizza now? where is his legacy that a black child can look up to? I dont want him as president, but then again i dont think i will have to worry too much about him.

    • Good point. I was participating in the Civil Rights Movement, in Tulsa, when I was SEVEN (7) years old when myself, my two brothers, and a handful of other young, very young Blacks, walked straight into the civil rights movement through school desegregation. I was not afraid to challenge whites even back then, nor were my brothers, nor were my parents.
      What kind of father did Herman CainFish have anyway? What he driving Ms. Daisey? What kind of Black society would allow such a blatant Uncle Tom to rise unchallenged? Again, this kind of Negro is the kind that hid during the civil rights era, until the grass root Blacks knocked down the doors of segregation, then he walked through the door. He credits America for his success, and not, as Al Sharpton put it, “those who changed America.”
      If it were not for those Blacks that were brutalized, water hoses sprayed on them, lynched, beat, this Negro would be a chauffeur, just like his docile Driving Ms Daisey Daddy.

  16. wow this don’t make no since http://www.mediacheckout.net/

  17. any 66 year old black man (Herman Cain) in america that hasnt felt the hurt of real racism is a fool, shun him. he may get one third of the black vote, because one third of us are uncle tom’s

    • If this fool, Herman CainFish, got 1/3rd of the Black vote, I’d move out of America. Do you really think that 1/3rd of the Black population in this nation is that ignorant? If so, this is sad, indeed. This Negro hates Black people. He love whites. I never see any Blacks attend any of his rallies. And notice how this Negro cannot really debate. He always has to have a cheering squad of white behind him urging him on.
      Even during the interview with Lawrence O’Donnell, this Negro had whites in the background cheering him. This is a phony, mentally twisted Negro who has been allowed to emerged because of the deteriorating condition of Black communities throughout the nation. White men hired this disgraceful Negro, and hence forth, he is indebted to his White Mastah’s.

  18. Cain is an intelligent man, but to believe he is capitlist is simply a fact. The question that needs to be asked by this country is….can capitalism and democracy sustain itself due to the socio-economical dispairities that exist? Equality is a word that is ideologically expressed so often in our country and around the world, yet it does not exist simply because of its contradictory practices. On the other hand in the Black community, we simply lack the leadership and collectivity as a people due to the individualistic attitude that has been perpetuated throughout our community while assimilating to conform to the ways of the system to becoming successful thereby relinquishing a commitment to our people.

    • He is not intelligent. Everything he says, with the exception of his bullshit 999 nonsense, is just a talking point of the Republican Party. He says nothing intelligent, he knows nothing about foreign policy, nothing! Why do you call him intelligent? Because he got a little money because of Affirmative Action? Playing an Uncle Tom for White people is not intelligent. Any tough media interviewer would make this man look like a fool. He cannot defend his policies, he stutters over difficult questions, and tries to out shout his challengers. He IS NOT intelligent. He is just an opportunist that was at the right place, and the right time, during a period in which Whites were giving Blacks a chance after 200 years of oppression.

  19. Like most Whites, Bill Clinton elected not to embarrass this fool. Whites take it easy on these kind of Blacks in fear that if they really point out how ridiculous they are, they would be labeled as “racists.” This is what Cain, and Blacks like him, bank on. That the conversation is controlled and they will not be made to look like fools.
    Bill Clinton was a voice during the civil rights era. He participated in it, especially in his speaking out against racists like Jim Johnson of Arkansas, who was instrumental in agitating the Little Rock riots of 1957 during the school desegregation era. Whites are soft on this fool in fear of retaliation. But have you noticed that this fool, Herman CainFish, will never allow a Black Journalist to interview him? He’s a coward, he was a coward during the civil rights struggle, and this disgraceful Negro remains a coward to this very day.

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