Teacher Chokes and Drags Student Across Playground with Sweater

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You have to wonder what some folks are thinking when it comes to how they treat other people’s children.  A little girl in Louisiana was dragged by her teacher around the neck across the playground, landing the teacher in jail.  It’ll be interesting to see how this one ends up in court.

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  1. We can all stop the outrage over this occurence. Some of these smart mouthed, misbehaved children need to have their behind spanked. But no, that’s against the law now. Well I for one can attest to the fact that sometimes you just get fed up with the misbehavior of these little ill raised children. How often was the mother involved in the children’s school before this happened. My bet is not often or possibly not ever. Misbehavior starts in the home and carries over to all other activities in life. I vote bring back spankings in the school system or allowing the parents to come into the school and spank them.

    • I do not agree with you at all. I am a mother of a five year old little girl and if my child would have been mistreated the way that this child was that teacher would be worrying about me strangling her instead of her court date. That’s why corporal punishment was taken out of schools because people don’t know how to control themselves. I don’t care what that child did the teacher should have let the upper officials handle it. What would have happened if she killed the child by wrapping her jacket around her neck and dragging her? If you agree with what this teacher did may God bless you because you need it!

    • yes sir! it should have never left!

    • Consider what you are saying…carefully, because it’s a thin line betwixt abuse and discipline.
      Black children in particular are singled out for attacks that would not be tolerated if directed to
      white children. I have seen it first hand as a substitute teacher in Tampa Florida. the principal a gym teacher, and a class room teacher man handled and threatened a child and slammed him against a wall in the hall way out side of the class room chocking him. I my self have been kicked by a pregnant white teacher for no reason other than she knew she would get away with it. BTW Black instructors supported and stood by the white teacher due i feel to the culture of self hate of what they consider undesirable elements of the black community. Yes i said it their are some black teachers that hate our people and our children. Granted their is bad behavior in class and the causes are many. But at the same time their is no excuse in consigning them to damnation because
      of their lack of home training. Their was a time when we would have worked with that child to turn them around from bad behavior to good and better behavior.

  2. This is a tragedy and a symdom of the society we live in. For anyone to treat a child in this manner is horrific. For those who don’t understand you shall; let something of this nature happen to your little angels. You too would understand.

  3. No questions asked. Charge this out of control female with assault and battery to a child as well as endangering the life of a minor.-concerned caregiver of children

  4. As soon as I saw the teacher’s photo I knew the problem: SHE’S TOO OLD TO TEACH FIRST GRADERS.
    It takes an enormous amount of patience AND energy to teach children of any grade, but especially
    pre-school, kindergarten and first-grade. If this teacher is a career teacher, she has long ago run out of patience. Her teaching SKILLS are probably rusty, too. I feel badly for the child, because at that grade level kids look for role models in their teachers. Are schools so hard up they need retiree-aged teachers for first grade? And, as I have said before, it should become MANDATORY for all teachers to
    have a YEARLY psychological work up.

  5. The brat is lucky. If she was attending a black school in the 50’s and stepped out of line she would be lynched.

    • What school system did you go to in the 50s? Perhaps that what they did in white school districts.
      i highly doubt that a black child in a black school district would have been lynched. Away from school
      ( Like Emmit Till ) But not at school.

  6. Well! there should have been other ways to handle the situation, yes that is correct, but it is the parent responsibility to train, teach and discipline their children at home to avoid situations as this, in other words, other people having to “check” your child/ren. If you did your part, you wouldn’t have to worry about someone else doing it. Parents’ are always arguing about when somebody else “check” their kids when they themselves don’t even do it. Judgment starts in the home Ppl!

    • I agree with the persons who say that discipline starts at home, and also that the teachers patience has just about run out.

  7. It is time for parents’ to have a yearly psychological check up and family structure on how to raise children in the home to know how to behave when in the public or in someone elses’ care.

  8. I often read some of the most asinine statements ever on these blogs. I do not care how bad a child is, nothing excuses this type of behavior. What I find even graver than the behavior of the teacher are the ignorant individuals that come on post like this attacking the parents as if they know the intimate deals of the situation,which I can almost assure myself they do not! Lets get this right once and for all; six-year old children talk. Period! A 65 year-old school teacher. Sick and tired.If this teacher is tired she is well beyond retirement and now qualifies for confinement for such horrific behavior. These same anonymous people are probably the same people lambasting parents that seems to have gone too far in disciplining their children. Probably rednecks masquerading as something they’re not on black blogs attempting to spread their white supremacy 101 ideology. Give it a break please.

  9. I’m a subsitute teacher and these children will push you to the edge. But that is no reason to do what this teacher did. She probably has been teacher for years and doesn’t have the patients she use to have with them. And trust me I’m 62 years old and subbing for seven years and these children these days act nothing like they did when I was this age. In my day children respected teachers. These kids will challenge you. Even ones this young!!! And most of this behavior is coming from their up bringing. It probably time for this teacher to retire.

  10. Yes some of the children are “BAD” but that does not give you or another the “RIGHT” to “CHOKE OR DRAG” the Child. That is so wrong she can not ever justify that. I was in the school system for 30years and God knows I really had to pray real hard some days. Some of the children messed up because the parents are F…ed up in the head. The apple don’t fall to far from the tree but it doesn’t make it right.

  11. This teacher was provoked and she “snapped”. The child was rude. Some of these children would try the patience of a saint. That said the teacher should be allowed to retire. That should be the end of this. There are no marks of injury on this child. Her mother is trying to make a big deal out of it. I can remember the days when if the teacher complained you got disciplined when you went home. Now the parent’s think any foul nonsense that comes out of their child’s mouth is cute.

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