Second grader not allowed on school bus; forced to walk home

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A second-grader was forced to walk two-and-a-half miles home from school instead of taking the bus last week, and the Spring Independent School District is calling it an “inexcusable mistake.”

Damion Robinson’s mother said she received a call from a woman who saw her son walking along I-45 last Tuesday. He was walking home from R. J. Hoyland Elementary.

“The first thing that was said was, ‘Stop what you’re doing. Someone’s found Damion.’ I was like, ‘Found him what?’ ‘They found him walking along the side of 45,'” said Markendria Robinson, the boy’s mother.


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  1. There is no such thing as an “inexcusable mistake” when it comes to a second grader. Whoever is responsible should be fired and never, ever allowed to work in a school again. While the child was unharmed, it could have been a totally different story.

  2. P.S. Thank God that the child knew his way home even though it was miles!!!

  3. Today’s school system has gotten out of control!! The administrators are all worry about test scores salary pay and their name (ex: Dr. Jane Doe) that they have forgotten the basic rules of school, that is child safety!!!

  4. Well thank God he was snatched up and or missing. Something needs to be done about these schools dropping small children off the school bus in the wrong areas and such as this topic as well. GGA….smh!

  5. Wait, wait, wait…this article does not say near enough to justify getting our knickers in a twist. We don’t know why the child wasn’t allowed on the bus. We don’t know what steps if any were taken to notify the parent that the child wasn’t allowed on the bus. We don’t know if the child was told to go to the office, where his parents would have been notified, and instead chose to walk off. We don’t know if or why this child didn’t make an effort to contact his parents or some other guardian for himself before he started walking. This article is a poor example of journalism. If the details concerning this story were not available to the author they should not have written the story at all!

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