Russell Simmons Offers to Pay For Protest Cleanup, Says He’s Prepared to Go to Jail

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Rap mogul Russell Simmons offered via Twitter to pay for the cleanup activitiesmandated by Mayor Bloomberg down at Occupy Wall Street HQ in Zuccotti Park. He received no response. Simmons then repeatedly pledged he’djoin protesters in jail.


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  1. Russell
    is worst than most of the wall street executives.
    I hope that the protesters will have nothing to do
    with this blood sucking leech. the ruch card may be the
    worst and most expensive credit card in the nation

    • Word, I hope they can see the Boule shill for what he really is, a sell-out. People like him and bill Clinton are trying to co-opt the movement so the they can turn it into just another misguided political movement. They trying to make it into a left versionn of the tea party. The true is that this is not about right or left it is about the American people taking back the country from the wall street Federal Reserve clique.

  2. wo does the rush card symoblize rush? http://www.mediacheckout.net/

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