Occupy Wall Street Has Twin Sisters On Opposite Sides of the Line

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They may not have been separated at birth, but these twins are a million miles apart.

Both are 23-year-old Ivy League graduates. One, Nicole Carty, is an impassioned soldier in the war for economic justice, on the front lines at Occupy Wall Street.

The other, Jill Carty, has a different reason to be on Wall Street: profit. As a consultant at a major financial services firm, she is well on her way into the rarefied air of the so-called “1 percent.”

It’s going to be an interesting Thanksgiving dinner at the Carty family table.

“It started as soon as we first got back from college,” Nicole told The Daily. “Right from the start, it was a screaming match. Even when we try not to talk about politics, one of us will say something to set the other one off.”

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