Jay-Z Says “I Would Pay More Taxes!”

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Jay-Z has done it again!  Last night, GlobalGrind’s bossman, Russell Simmons, after an amazing event with Rick Rubin at the New York Public Library celebrating the 25 years of Def Jam Recordings, hit up The Spotted Pig restaurant in New York City to celebrate with the entire Def Jam crew.  The “Watch The Throne” superstar joined Russell and company at dinner and during dinner admitted to Russell something that puts him in the ranks of Warren Buffett.

While discussing the current state of America and the economic distress the country is under, Jay said, “I would pay more taxes to help with education and healthcare for the under-served.”

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  2. U go head Jay-Z i know U can afford the talk….

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  4. It is called charity, motherfucker. Why the fuck would you want to give the fucking idiots in the US Gov more money? They would just waste it on shit that you never wanted them to use it for in the first place. For being so successful, Jay-Z is a real moron.

  5. Now that’s a real dude who understood his surviving the hood! And as far as the government is concerned, you can’t stop what they do with money anyway so why talk that pot full of shit about Jay Z?! Sounds like hatervision in HD!

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