Cornel West Behind Bars (VIDEO)

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Author, professor and social activist Cornel West was arrested on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. while taking part in a group protest against corporate influence in politics.

A Supreme Court spokeswoman said that 19 demonstrators were arrested Sunday afternoon when they refused to leave the grounds of the court. Ann Wilcox, an attorney and legal adviser to the protesters, said West was among those arrested, according to The Associated Press.


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  1. Freedom of speech my butt!

  2. Is this the same Professor West who along with Tavis Smiley whom both had dispariging remarks about our Presidents? who by the way, supports protest initiatives against corporate influence in politics.

  3. It is time that the bankers start paying up. They don’t give any loans and the money was given to them for loan purposes. They give out hefty bonus to their sorry banking officials. What should have happened was to give the money to “We the People.” Why not but some of those Bank Officials in jail?

  4. It is time that the bankers start paying up. They don’t give any loans and the money was given to them for loan purposes. They give out hefty bonus to their sorry banking officials. What should have happened was to give the money to “We the People.” Why not but some of those Bank Officials in jail? Also this is my only comment.

  5. I support them every step of the way and had I been there I would have been arrested for the first time in 52 years as well. We the citizens of this country is fed-up and have it. Let some of those judges go without eating and not able to pay to have a roof over thier heads they would be standing on the steps as well.
    Ibet the laws would change then. Ppl need to get thier noses out of the air and get down to the real grind to what is happenig in our nation. everyone across this nation to go stand on thier courthouse steps and protest about every and anything from the hardship that been placed upon us – THE MAJORITY! Y ou don’t have enough of jails to house THE MAJORITY so then what they going to do?

  6. Thnaks to people like Cornel West. we, the underprivledged can have a voice. I hope this and many others will step up to the plate and vote the rich guys out. When do we get back to what Democracy is meant to be? I am sick and tired of the rich ruling our lives with slick tricks and slick words. Thank God for the honesty and integrity of Barrack Obama.

  7. that’s not really going to jail – that’s just putting some dollars in the hands of the enemy to get out of a holding tank.

  8. I love it. Much love and support to Professor West and all of the protestors. We got to fight the power that be!

  9. What was Dr. West and the others arrested for…they were not doing anything illegal, not fighting, or throwing bricks at the building…or drunk. Does he not have the right to free speech, right to petition our Gov’t….right to assembly ??? Our country has become one big plantation. It just goes to show you how the rich are running almost everything…not the Constitution.


    • Yes, Dr. West stands like a man, they should lock he and Tavis Smiley up!!!
      and throw away the key!

  11. where are the movie industry ,and all who make over(250,000) doing??????????????

  12. I am glad the talk with Rev. Sharpton paid off. Good too see you in the community walking the walking instead of talking about a corporate sponsored poverty tour.

  13. Right on Professor Cornell West ,and your right” I think MLK would be right there with you and the other brave soul’s who are making a stand against corporate greed and oppression of the people…

  14. Thanks Dr. Cornel West for directing your protestation against the people who has abuse the free enterprise system instead of Obama as you previous had done…..Obama hasn’t had a chance to do anything constructively with these tea baggers occupying the House and the minority repubs in the Senate….They have his arms tied behind his back…….The few bills that have passed was water down from the original bills…..I just don’t understand how so many people can be so ignorant of the facts…Especially Blacks……..I can understand why so many Whites attitudes are negatively affected because some of them come to the table with negative feelings toward Obama…..And you know why this happen….A Black man….SMH…..

  15. This is an excellent illustration to show that TRUTH overcomes power when it is spoken and displayed with sincerity and for the betterment of society as a whole! God bless all truth givers!

  16. Sadly cops arresting people for fear of losing their jobs if they don’t do what they are told.

  17. World Hunger and poverty is a direct result of corpate greed and govt corruption, why do we need lobbyist to determine basic human principles? Stop the WAR feed the People!

  18. You know brother West we fuss with others sometime–like when we was at each other throat a month ago. However, I felt sadden to see you and Travis come down on Obama. Put Obama back in office in 2012 and in his last term he will work a lot closer with the poor. The brother never really had a shot to do for the poor, for just four months after taking office lots of people who had voted for him were already whining about him not doing enough and they are still whining to this day.

    Nevertheless, let me say that I am so proud of you. Just to see and hear you voicing your voice for the poor out there in Washington representing the poor and Doctor King made me say, “Yes, that’s what I’m talking about!” Man, I thank you and all those people out there protesting for the poor. May God bless and protect each and all!!

  19. Perhaps the protest needed to be off Government property and still be effective.

  20. I for one am very proud of Mr West. He is finally doing something constructive with the education he paid to acquire. Now to support him Americans need to CANCELL CHRISTMAS in 2011. Don’t spend your hard earned money this season. LET THOSE LARGE INVENTORIES SIT RIGHT IN THERE LARGE WAREHOUSES. FOR THE WRONG THEY HAVE DONE TO AMERICAN FOR MAKING THEM SUPER RICH.

    JUST THOUGHT I WOULD SAY THAT. I KNOW AMERICANS ARE TO WEAK-SO DAMED WEAK for the first time in my life I am ashamed to be a citizen of this great country. Now is the time people WAKE UP. Look at those pitiful candidates for President of this great country. They have tied the hands of our Great President and they still can;t out class him Cain and Romney is the best they can do with all of the great Americans we have. They are hiding, Cowards that don’t want to face the real problems in our great country. PRESIDENT OBAMA went straight to the problems and the NATION as a Whole are afraid to challenge them. BLAME OBAMA IS WEAK AND COWARD.. PASS A JOBS BILL AND LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS. IT CAN’T POSSIBLY BE ANY WORSE THAN DOING NOTHING.!!! JOHN MCCAIN HAD THE NERVE TO SPEAK ABOUT THE MAN THAT BEAT HIM WITH RECORD NUMBERS. GET OVER IT HERO YOU ARE STILL A LOOSER. HIS TIME COULD BE BETTER USED POLICING HIS BORDERS AND PAYING FOR THE MULTIMILLION DOLLAR AIRCRAFT HE WRECKED. GOD FATHER PIZZA, IS THIS REALLY THE BEST THEY CAN DO. LOOK AT ALL OF THE OVER WEIGHT AMERICANS THAT ATE THAT GREAT DISH. WAKE UP AMERICA. THE TIME IS NOW.

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