Connecticut Mother Force Fed Her Young Children Cocaine And Beers

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A mother in Connecticut has pleaded guilty to giving her 4-year old son beer and 10 month old daughter beer and cocaine.  Juliette Dunn of Bridgeport, has pleaded guilty to risk of injury to a child under the Alford Doctrine.  This is where she doesn’t agree with the facts but agrees that there is enough evidence for a conviction.

A companion of Dunn’s, 33-year old Lisa Jefferson, has pleaded guilty to the charges as well.

Police were notified when a woman complained that she saw two children in the park, one of whom had a baby bottle that appeared to be full of beer.  This led to an investigation and the mother’s arrest.  Let’s hope this mother is sent away long enough to realize that this isn’t something that good mothers do.  Also, good work for the mother who cared enough to call the cops, we all know that it takes a village.


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  1. Lock her up and throw away the key!!!!!


    • melt it

  2. Those white babies belong to her?

  3. Some people are not meant to be parents!! If you feel your child/children is a bother give them to family who will appreciate them and will showed them how to be “love.”

  4. Is it just me or does beer also look like apple juice. Now how can you tell just by looking at a baby’s bottle that there is beer in it?

    • They do look the same, so thank God that woman reported her suspicion. There was probably more going on than just seeing the bottle that made her concerned. Anyway the article says it was investigated before the other woman was actually charged.

  5. smh! what was she trying to prove? is it because she didn’t have any food? if not couldn’t she just have sold the substance for food? or is she just a mental case period?

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