Bryant Gumbel Calls NBA Commissioner David Stern a “Plantation Overseer”

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bryant gumbel says that nba commissioner david stern is a modern day plantation overseer

In a very interesting set of comments, noted sports commentator Bryant Gumbel referred to NBA Commissioner David Stern as a “modern day plantation owner.”  Check out the video below:




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  1. Good for you Bryant. THats the way to tell the way things are.

    • With an average pay of over a million dollars a year for playing a game, how do I
      sign up for a gig on this “plantation”?

  2. The truth will set you commish.

  3. Please read my book “Basketball Slave” The Andy Johnson Harlem Globetrotter/NBA Story.

  4. Bryant Gumbel, one of a few telling it like it really is and speaking truth to power !

  5. Bryant Gumbel is whe whitest black dude on the planet. He is the uncle tom of the last 2 decades and he is talking about someone hahahahahah

    • Read Uncle Tom Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, before you start name calling someone. I’ve always like Bryant Gumble, he gets the respect he deserves as a journalist and the 1st Black man to anchor a major morning show for over 15 yrs. Bryant is keeping it real, just like Dwayne Wade had a right to get in David Stern for his BS.

      Everyone have a great weekend! 🙂

  6. I agree 100% with Mr. Gumble, I have been trying to tell you people this for a very long time. Now that it is coming from a recognised journalist maybe you will take it more serious. This is not to say Mr. Gumble is right but he carry a littl more weight than me.
    This is a shame the way black people embrace the jewish community as if they are our saviour. Let me tell you these people have been taking advantage of black people ever since their ancestors wrote the bible, and blaming our ancestor of keeping them in slavery.
    They said in the bible in Genesis, that the Egyptians have held them in slavery, and we believe it and embrace it as if it was our mothers milk. We never question it because we said it was God words. Well I have always question the bible, because it is the most hateful book that have ever been written. Those of us who make a living from it are just as evil, because we never question it.This book was written by 40 men thousands of years ago for the sole purpose of destroying the African civilation, and they have succeeded, because we embrace it and preached it and hate each other over it. Why would a supposed loving God tell one group of people you are his chosen people. above every body else?. What are the rest of us chap liver?. They wrote a book victimizing the cicilization that existed at the time, which was the Egyptian Dynasty. The African people have been sold into slavery and scattered across the world ever since. There is no other group that follow the christian faith more that black people. If you all dont stop doing this you will remain in poverty for the rest of time. Look how they treat us? Of course they are going to hire us because they have total control over most of us. It is not just the NBA, that they treat like plantation workers, they treat the rest of us who believe the story they tell and march to their orders.I DO NOT. They will say that I am anti Sematic, guess what I am not, I just call it like I see it. If I am anti sematic, then they are anti black. I followed the action of the Jewish community ever since Richard Nixon proposed the affirmative action program to help black people achieve a decent level of education, so we can begin to take control of our lives and build our community. Well they have opposed the affirmative action program in the schools before it got started up to this day. Why?. because they dont want us to be united. When the world condemn the Aparthied System in South Africa, Israel was one of the only country that suppored them, and provide them with arms to opress black people. Who is reaping the benefit from the diamond mines in The Republic of the Congo, while black people are killing each other. If we start thinking about ourselves and stop following their book, we may stop killing each others, and start loving each other. Thir boou have corrupt our minds so bad we cannot stand each other yet we call each other brothers. Black peope get your head out of religion and start thinking. Our history were destroyed after the bible came about. If you ever get into the Vatican, you will find where our history were buried. Judiah/Christian System have been our down fall, and will continue to keep us down as long as we keep believing what we are told.
    They tell us the streets of heaven are paved with gold, even thought they have never been there to see it. The question we should be asking is if the street are paved with gold shouldn’t we all be ready to kill ourselves to get to heaven?. Keep following that book the bible and see where it get you, while you are reading the bible, they are getting rich and liveng the good life while we pray.

  7. I agree with you whole-heartedly. I think the fans should BOYCOTT the NBA, in support of the players, until STERN is gone! This behavoir is nothing new, he has been this way for a long time…too long!

  8. Talk to me my brother. Thanks for telling the truth….you probably will be off the air soon…. uppity Negroes are not tolerated in the media. I wish others would take your lead and MAN UP !!

  9. wow Im so proud that he told it like it is

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