Best Father Daughter Wedding Dance Ever


Best Father Daughter Dance Ever


You might typically expect that the father-daughter dance at a wedding is the stuffy, ceremonious kind of crap that usually leaves you bored to tears….well, this father and daughter had something different in mind.   Try not to fall asleep in the first minute or so of the video or you’ll miss what might be the greatest father-daughter throw-down in the history of black folk weddings.  Do we smell a trend coming here?  Yea, probably…..you know how we do…..



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  1. Wonderful…i love it…just absolutely love it!!!! “You know how we do” can always be a good thing as well!


    • GOOOOD Daddy!!! Absolutely excellent, loved every second!

  3. It’s best way to say”you have been a good girl and I am giving you to this man, please make you get along with him.” It’s a very difficult situation to see your little girl go away.

  4. that made my day, just wonderful

  5. How can you not love it, every daughter’s dream!!!

  6. We are indeed a clever and TALENTED group! The dancing was swonderful. A bit long. It ocurred
    to me, Will the bride have energy left for her wedding night? (Lots of Love to the Newlyweds).

  7. A post script: I noticed the videographer was not black. I definitely think this family needs to join
    the black business directory. Empowering ourselves by supporting black-owned businesses is the
    key to self-sustainability. The bride is about to embark on her own family life trip. She and her
    groom would be well to understand this concept and make it part of their new lives together that they may pass this empowerment on to their progeny. Here’s hoping.

  8. All I can say is, “beautiful”.


  10. This is really a “once in a lifetime” event. I really missed it with my daughter in that they were married three thousand miles away. Viewing this makes me want to cry. I really missed out on the dance! So beautiful and memorable!!!!

  11. cute! that dad rules!

  12. We ALWAYS set a NEW standard for something that’s been around for a minute. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, what a memory for them & their guests. Can’t wait for the Grandchildren to see Granddad & Mom, dancing to the beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW PRECIOUS!!!!!!! Ours was the standard dance, 21 yrs. ago and it is STILL fun to enjoy !!!!!!!!!

  13. I think that was so sweet and so beautiful. I wish I had a loving father like that she is very blessed.

  14. That was absolutely priceless! WOW! So pleasant to see a positive father and daughter moment!

  15. Hi Fb. family and friends, I felt like I needed to share this video with your………..father and daughter dancing at her wedding.

  16. That beautiful and fun to watch.The played his role to a T, while girl glowed in her moment.Thank you for sharing that with us.

  17. That was lovely. What a wonderful celebration of the father-daughter relationship.

  18. Guess I missed it…video won’t play???

  19. Beautiful…touching. But how the hell does daddy dance better than his daughter?

  20. That was so beautiful!! I truly enjoy watching the video! I hope it has inspired other fathers to be active in their child/ren lives!!!!

  21. That was absolutely adorable; and, entertaining. I can only imagine how much fun father and daughter were having; and, how much the reception guests were enjoying this…!!!!

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