Beating Video at McDonald’s Goes Viral (Video)

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A disturbing video of a McDonald’s cashier beating customers with a rod in New York’s Greenwich village has made national news headlines after being posted to YouTube on Thursday.

The video, which has been viewed nearly 500,000 times, shows two female customers jumping over the counter of the West 3rd St restaurant during an argument over their order.

Rayon McIntosh, the cashier, was charged with felony assault charges and criminal possession of a weapon. The two women were charged with trespass and disorderly conduct. One of the women suffered a fractured skull and a broken arm in the incident.

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  1. The half million views just shows how infatuated the American public is with violence … and extreme behavior. Ever wonder why reality shows are such big sellers despite most of them being staged by professional actors??? Here’s a hint …


  2. This video is disturbing. Although the two women that attacked the employee were injured, clearly they had no right to do what they did. The incident got out of hand.

  3. I would’ve slapped the lady doing all of that screaming. Those two girls should’ve been beaten just as they were. You don’t slap anyone in the face and not expect to be slapped back. Then jump over a counter as if you want some. That man could’ve been from a country where people kill you when they come after you like that. You just don’t do what those two animalistic females did.

  4. Now U know! don’t jump yo azz N back of the counter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree

    • True!

  5. if you jump over the counter it should be open season for either party .

  6. Dude stupid- did not have to do all that.

    • Yeah he was stupid and it didn’t take all of that, but violence is what he knows. Rehabiliation didn’t work for him.

      • I’ve growen up with women like this all my life, you can’t even be in public with them without being caught up in a altercation. I don’t think he beat them enough! If you act like a crazed man, you get that ass beaten like a crazed man! I think rehabiliation worked just fine for him. Now lets see if rehabiliation and a ass kicking will change the girls perspectives…..What’s his booking number so I can send him a thank you letter and some change!

    • I agree..I think he went way too far. With his criminal history, they will just send him back to jail. He definitely has some issues and should never have taken a job in customer service anyway.

  7. Who would climb over the counter over a McDonald’s order? The women were uncouth and the men seemed to be defending himself although he went too far. If your order is wrong ask for a refund or call the national headquarters.

  8. Whatr is happening to my people of African descent. Is the frustration, self-hatred we have for ourselves is what has caused this nonsensical outcome? The women were wrong for jumping over the counter and the man was just as wrong for beating them the way he was. He was lashing out with such inner anger.

    • BS, I believe his survival instinct kicked in. After all the man had been locked up for most of his adult life.

  9. Whatr is happening to my people of African descent? Is the frustration, self-hatred, hopelessness, feeling of not being worthful taking its toll on us? There was no need for this magnitude of violent anger to be lodged against those young women, nor should those young women have gone to the mode of anger to jump over the counter. The anger and frustration we have must be fueled into something more positive. Words are words and we must learn to walk away from them. This type of outcome over words is embarrassing, fueling creedence to the white negativity some whites hold. about we people of African descent. It also shows the disrespect the Black woman shows to the Black man, and the disrespect the Black man has for the Black Woman. It would not have been that way if a White woman or a white man did this nonsensical action. ‘Stop the Black on Black Violence.

    • Most of us are being brainwashed by the media..The media is doing it to create sensationalism…Sensational is done for money…. ..Ignorant is a breeding ground to be brainwash….Do your own research on any matter yourself……..Most reports you get from the media are done by some bias people….

      • Umm Olin? The media didn’t make these drunk broads jump over the restaurant counter. The media didn’t make that chick slap “Mr. 1-8-7” and the media didn’t put the metal rod in dude’s hands and commence to whomping down on these girl’s skulls and backs. No Olin this was no doing of the media. This goes way deeper than the media. As much as I do believe in media hype especially when it comes to “black” news. This was not a media brainwashing technique. This really happened.

    • you are so right

  10. it seem like Rayon still needs anger management therapy or maybe he got out a little to early. Ya think?

    • Really? The slapped him before they jumped at him!!! I don’t condone violence but this man clearly was defending himself.

      • Really Marc? He was just defending himself? That’s how a “Man” defends himself from being slapped by two drunk females? Marc males who think like you scare me. It makes me wonder what my daughters have to look forward to with regard to a real man in their futures. This male was angry and obviously has experienced some things in his life that have left him angry and with no sense of boundaries. Yes, these females were wrong. Very wrong. I’m sure that this was a lesson learned for them and for others who viewed this video. However, I think we learned something even more relevant. Rayon is not rehabilitated. He is a murder waiting to happen. Marc, put your mother in the same position, or your sisters. Yes they were wrong, but this violence was so much more than “defending himself”. My husband could have easily put a stop to those two silly individuals without picking up a metal rod. Just think about it for a minute. Don’t try and justify what this guy did. He could’ve killed those girls. Would you still see justice through your cloudy judgment?

        • Lanzinia – You reap what you sew… and both females sewed bad seed because they are both dumb, ignorant, uncivilized, nutcase females (not ladies).

          Did your husband tell he could have easily put a stop to these 2 females without committing an act of violence against them, or (2) Are you assuming (as well as speaking for him) he could have easily put a stop to the 2 females? If, in fact, your husband told you he could have easily put a stop to these 2 violent females he is an ARM CHAIR QUARTERBACK…or SIMPLY TRYING TO MAKE HIMSELF LOOK GOOD IN FRONT OF HIS WIFE.

          Life Lesson for you… Capability + Threat = Intent / Threat + Intent = Indication of a Capability

          If the 2 assailants were black males….Rayon McIntosh would be viewed as someone who stopped violent crime against innocent patrons and McDonald’s employees. And I am inclined to believe you, as well as others, would not have responded with the same vigor if the 2 assailants beaten by Rayon McIntosh with a metal rod were male. Hopefully you are not a hypocrite!

          All I can say is this…seldom do certain types of females (in America) take responsibility for their actions, and accept being held accountable for their rotten Attitudes, behavior, and Character. Some women are absolutely insane and live in a fantasy world where they can do as they please an no one dare call them out on their BS.

          How in the world can anyone, in this case females, think they can physically attack someone and a NOT EXPECT an equal or greater defensive attack in response. This is kind of thinking and attitude is a sign of INSANITY. And, by the way, Rayon McIntosh was NOT responsible to determine whether or not either female was DRUNK, or INSANE.

          I would love to see these 2 dumb female attack a police officer. We all know darn well they would have been beaten, hit with gas, stunned, or gunned down.

          Perhaps it is you who suffers from cloudy judgement.

        • Lazinia? The fellow may have done abit much, but the view of that big dude (oops female) hopping on top of the counter and the other one coming around to do damage also after an aggresive confrontation is a crisis situation. He may not have know whether that was a man or women at the time. Moreover, that fellow is not that big (they probably thought they were going to whoop him, but things can change quickly). As far as them being women, spousal abuse is one thing, but women are not a protected class; giving someone the right to abuse someone else. The sensational portion is the way it was portrayed. A woman not long ago got a jail sentence for jumping over the counter and wailing on someone. He just handled it before it got too far. They didn’t have a weapon, but he didn’t know that at the time. Blades are easy to conceal. People are crazy and everyone is doing crazy stuff including women. True he had more to lose (probably on probation), but if you are thinking life and death, jail term means nothing if you live I suspect. I guess he will have time to think about it during his process of appeals. He probably could have swung it at them and maybe they would have stopped. I doubt it, alcohol and anger is a bad mix for rational thinking. Pain however, is a soberer.

        • lAZINIA

  11. I bet she won’t jump over another counter trying to be bad. Serve her asset right. She met her match.
    Immaturity at it’s finest over some food, Really????

    • Well Auntie, I wouldn’t say it serves her right, but I do agree that she will probably think twice before she jumps over another counter at a McDonald’s especially when McDonald’s has a government contract that gives them money to hire the unhireable and undesirables like Rayon. No carry out for me.

    • I agree…

  12. He beat her ass real goooooood! These women deserved a good ass whoopin!! It’s not okay to slap a man at all! When will women learn? My daughter knows how to conduct herself around men! I have taught her very well. Stay in your damn lane or else!

    • Jerry you are young and from the “hood” right? That’s the way you “roll”, right? You work at Mickey D’s too, right? Interesting. Contrary to the “I’m a thug and have done time in jail since I was 16 and I will slap a “B” handbook”, “real” men don’t conduct themselves in this way. Thanks to this guy’s response to these stupid women’s actions, he’ll be back in his lane. The one at Rikers. This is why I keep my daughters away from uneducated low class thugs and have them taking tae kwon do. Exposure to this kind of crap is not cool for anyone. If you keep thinking the way that you do, you’ll probably end up in the same predicament as “Mr. Freedom Lost Again”. You’ll also breed weak daughters. Please wake up and smarten up if you care anything about your daughter. By the way, everyone has a lane, especially you “Brotha”. Check out the ratio of Black men to any other demographic that currently occupy prisons and jails across the U.S. Do you know your lane?

      • Wow, you are something else…Your husband must be one hell of a guy to wed someone with your high morals and standards.

        The great thing about America is that there are no lanes dedicated to any one kind of individual. America, or should I say, our system of laws and culture, allows anyone (including uneducated low class thugs) to redeem and reinvent themselves. How else would black folk, like my father and a host of other great black men and women, rise above their circumstances and expectation.

        Jerry made some ignorant comments. So what? The only reason you reacted to his comments is because you are a female with a chip on your shoulder. And you are silly minded to think having your girls study Taekwondo will save them from form violent males. No, martial arts will not save them from bad males. Teach them how to select a quality mate form among all suiters and you probably won’t have to worry about them getting abused. Perhaps your husband serves as a model for the type of man they should desire.

        Yes, there are a lot of black males in prison. I find this ironic considering the backbone of the black community, the black woman, strong and independent, raised the majority of these males caught up in the criminal justice system. Perhaps the title is underserved.

  13. If you can’t hang with the big doggs, don’t come off the porch! They attacked “him” and got that azz beat. He shouldn’t have had the charges on him that he did. I don’t condone violence, but if someone attacks you, you have every right to protect yourself. Bet they’ll think twice before the do that ish again.

  14. It appears the cashier has been attacked before. He seemed to be ready to defend himself.
    I am truly sorry that this happened, not good for black people, not at all.

  15. Now I am going to call it as I see it…first of all, the girl who slapped the brother and then jumped over the counter looked like a “butch” who thought she was tough like a man and then her accomplice went behind the counter and they both simply got their asses beat! For the brother, he surely went to the extreme in giving them an ass whipping, but justified in defending himself against TWO assailants. His punishment is based on his criminal history, but he was at his job obviously trying to do something irrespective of his past record, and the reporters exaaggerated how he beat the women compared to the fact that those girls did more than trespassed. In degrees, the brother should have used his fists as oppose to perhaps using the metal object. The repercussions of the actions of those girls will long be remembered for sure.

  16. I think he should have defendedhimself just not with a weapon..Because when they jumped that counter they were asking for a fight….and he is a coward to use a weapon on a woman anyway..

    • I agree that he should’ve defended himself but not with a weapon. If he had defended himself as opposed to trying to “kill” these chicks. He would be all good. He was out for blood. Let’s face it, he’s no novice when it comes to violence having murdered someone and doing 10 years for it. People definitely need to be careful who they mess with cause you never know…

      • I disagree with your comments 100%…

        The man was not out for blood. Clearly he beat both of them down. When either of them tried to get up, he hit them again and admonished them to stay down. This is not the actions of a person hell bent on taking a life or out for blood. Clearly he stopped when it was clear neither assailant was able to pose a threat against him.

        It sad and unfortunate what happened and a pray both females recover form their injuries. However the two female assailants were the aggressors and attacked this man without cause. Why? Doesn’t matter…they attacked him. The result is both got their asses handed to them.

        This man did not discriminate against women. He treated women as equals…he treated both females as equal peers and held them responsible and accountable for their aggression against him. The bottom line… “bad enough to hit, bad enough to get hit back.”

        Abusers are the real cowards… Men and women who abuse the other choose partners whom they can control with threats of violence and acts of violence. It about control and domination. This man, good or bad, did not abuse these 2 women. He defended himself from their unwarranted attack. They hunted him down when he attempted to physically retreat from them. He did what he felt he had to do.

        Lastly, I agree with you last sentence… People should be careful with whom they mess with cause you never know. Well, I bet these two uncivil and insane female will never do this dumb sh%t again.



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  19. Wow really? What’s with all the people applauding the women being beaten? Like “Jay” commenting “the girl who slapped the brother and then jumped over the counter looked like a “butch” who thought she was tough like a man and then her accomplice went behind the counter and they both simply got their asses beat! ” First of all, saying she was trying to be tough like a man is saying women are weak fragile creatures who deserve to be bossed around by “strong men”. Not to mention Chanee saying “Those two girls should’ve been beaten just as they were.” and calling them “animalistic”. Typical for people to rejoice over the beating of black women. Had they been white women everyone would say they were justified. And white women would never be compared to animals. And in my opinion animals act with much more class than humans do. Animals do what they have to to survive. Humans are just overgrown animals who think they can do whatever they want. Sure the women shouldn’t have jumped the guy but he shouldn’t have done what he did either. Neither of them were right but it’s sickening to see everyone gang up on the women. He went beyond self defense once he had knocked them away from the counter. They were on the floor and he continued to beat them. It just goes to show you how stupid as f*ck you commenters are. All you racist sexist dog-f*cking uncle toms can burn in hell.

  20. Wanna act like a man, then get beat like a man!

  21. Did he beat the hell out of the 2 females? Yes
    Was it self-defense? Yes
    Did he go to far? Perhaps

    At the end of the day the 2 females (not ladies) started the madness and ended up getting their asses handed to them on a plater.

    Yes, this man murdered another human being… Yes, this man spent 10 years in prison for his crime. However, he was out on parole, and working for a living. Unfortunately his life will be further ruined because 2 unruly, loud mouthed, and uncivilized nut job females incorrectly misinterpreted his initial passiveness as weakness. Their combined stupidity and lack of discernment is the reason why they got their brains beat in…

    Society will continue to view him as a disgusting animal, while the 2 truly disgusting females will be viewed as victims of black male aggression…

    It is time to start holding females, along with males, for their BS bad Attitudes, ignorant Behavior, and low Character.

  22. I do not condone violence; but when this woman slapped this man; and proceeded to jump over the counter, the employee reacted as anyone who knows anything about self defense would react. The guy didn’t know if these two heifers were armed with knives, a gun or anything else. Just the fact that they came over the counter, if it were me, I would have assumed they had something to harm me with; and I wouldn’t wait around to give them a chance to hurt me. Just because someone dies during an altercation doesn’t mean there was a “murder” committed; none of you know the circumstances surrounding the death that he did time for. I give him credit for working at McDonalds trying to make an honest living; probably thinking he was in a place where he wouldn’t have to put up with this type of nonsense. These women continued to advance on this man after he grabbed the weapon; so they got what they were looking for (or not). But they got a good ass whooping. It’s easy to second guess a persons reaction to an attack; but these women could have hurt more people than that employee; after all there’s hot fries, deep fryers full of hot grease, hot coffee, and other things they could have gone crazy and thrown around behind that counter, and others could have been scarred for life. I say it was the “us or them” scenario; and sense they initiated the confrontation, the choice was them. OUCH !!!!

  23. Please people, leave race out of this, this has nothing to do with race; or the fact that this man did time in the past. I think that he will ultimately end up with a lesser charge; and I hope he gets his job back.

  24. It disturbing to see him constantly beating these women with a metal pole. He just didnt know when to stop or he should have just slap the shit out of both of them with his hands. That would have been better then beating them with the poles. It do look like it was a over kill beating with a dangerous object. But they should have gotten jail time too. or at least let him out.

  25. Here you have it again and again. The females of cause was in the wrong, but they didn’t have weapons with them. The most they would have done is blacken his eye or pull his hair.
    But now here is the coup de grace, when his azz goes to prison he is going to get that azz whooping in return a thousand times.

    Good luck dude…

  26. These women were clearly in the wrong. They are women who acted out aggressively to a man they did not know. These young women had clearly lost their way. To believe they can behave like menacing characters from a movie, harass, slap and attack a counter clerk……OHH! and all because they were drunk. I believe they were called animals because of their behavior. not because of their race. You simply cannot compare how the media or the people would betray the situation had it been two white women..I know white women can behave like this, but you don’t see it as often as you see black women doing it..Black women are known to be more assertive, period. However, we are not usualy taught to be violent and act like a fool. In general, WOMEN are not expected to act aggressive and violent. We are all expected to know how to behave in public. Black or white. If you are drunk, unruly and in public the chances of something bad happening to you, increases. Black or white. If you attack someone you don’t know, the chances of you getting more than you bargained for is becoming increasingly evident. It is unfortunate these women had to have their asses whooped! But the way I see it… they asked for it. What did they expect? to just beat up the poor black brotha working at McDonald’s? And then, walk out like some tough black bitches from the hood? Psyche!!!!!

  27. Violence is never the answer to any problem.. I can’t understand why anyone didn’t try to stop those women.. We have no good Samaritans left anymore..

  28. So the result of him not defending himself wouldve been what? They wouldve just slapped him once, spit in his face & went home to eat there Mikey Dees? Hell naw, they wanted a fight & didnt know they picked one with a real killa, they got just what they shoulda got, now the next time they take they tough a$$es into a restaurant theyll think about that a$$ whoopin they ordered with their Big Macs. This man was in prison almost 10yrs you dont learn to walk away if someone slaps you & spits in your face, in there walkin away could cost you more than a job, if they hadnt started the drama it wouldve been none so he shouldnt go to jail for that.

  29. The man is a hero. He defended himself against TWO attackers. Drunk or sober, those slobs picked a fight with a man who was just trying to earn a damn living in this messed up economy. Don’t put your hands on somebody…unless you want hands put on You.

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