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October 24, 2011

Police Officers In Sean Bell Shooting Case May Finally Face Disciplinary Actions (Video)

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A long-delayed disciplinary trial of two officers involved in the deadly shooting of an unarmed groom could got underway Monday. Sean Bell, 23, was killed in a barrage of 50 bullets outside Club Kalua as he left his bachelor party in Queens on Nov. 25, 2006. Officers fired into the car he was driving mistakenly believing Bell or one of his passengers had a gun and the men defied orders to halt…

Occupy Wall Street Has Twin Sisters On Opposite Sides of the Line

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They may not have been separated at birth, but these twins are a million miles apart. Both are 23-year-old Ivy League graduates. One, Nicole Carty, is an impassioned soldier in the war for economic justice, on the front lines at Occupy Wall Street. The other, Jill Carty, has a different reason to be on Wall Street: profit. As a consultant at a major financial services firm, she is well on…

NPR’s First African American Host Steps Down Temporarily Because of Husband

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NPR host Michele Norris is temporarily stepping down from the afternoon news show “All Things Considered” because her husband has taken a senior role in President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. In a note sent to NPR staff Monday and posted on the network’s website, Norris says her husband’s new role could make it difficult to continue hosting the show. She says she is temporarily stepping away until after the 2012…

Miami Fears The Return of Freaknik

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MIAMI — Miami residents are concerned with the upcoming “Freaknik” Spring Break party. “Freaknik” was previously held in Atlanta before being banned. Read More.

Narcotics Officers Provides Junkie with Crack and Forced Her to Perform Sex Acts in Return

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    A police corruption trial has exposed some devious behavior on the part of NYPD officers.  A woman is alleging that narcotics officers offered her crack cocaine and in exchange, demanded that she perform sex acts on them. Melanie Perez took the stand, saying that an officer called her to his house, forced her to smoke crack and then told her to give him oral sex. “What was I…

Teacher Chokes and Drags Student Across Playground with Sweater

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You have to wonder what some folks are thinking when it comes to how they treat other people’s children.  A little girl in Louisiana was dragged by her teacher around the neck across the playground, landing the teacher in jail.  It’ll be interesting to see how this one ends up in court. click to read

1-in-4 black men who drop out of high school end up in prison

So Sad: 1-in-4 Black Male HS Dropouts Ends Up in Prison

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Black Like Moi reports. The schools in urban America have become virtual feeder systems for America’s prisons.  There is no greater source of feeding than the black male, especially when he remains uneducated.  Some experts wonder if these men and women are deliberately uneducated, since the prisons are able to earn billions from free labor being provided by those who are trapped in the system. Annsonita Robinson at RollingOut.com highlights the…