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October 21, 2011

bishop eddie long is being sued by members of new birth missionary baptist church

Bishop Eddie Long Gets Sued by Members of His Congregation

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World. The legal problems continue to mount for Bishop Eddie Long. In addition to the sexual misconduct case that everyone knows about, there is another situation in which Long is accused of conspiring with investment adviser Ephren Taylor to defraud members of his church out of more than a million dollars in investment funds. Taylor did a presentation before members of the New Birth…

First Lady’s First Tweet (Video)

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The first lady decided to jump into the new millenium by learning how to tweet.   This is surprising, given that her husband is a notorious blackberry fanatic.  But we all get there in our own time, and in spite of all the controversy her husband has endured, Michelle Obama has remained well-liked by the American public.   First Lady Michelle Obama has sent her first tweet. Obama used Twitter from…

Jurnee Smollett To Star In Tyler Perry’s New Movie the “Marriage Counselor”

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It just seems like we can’t get enough of the lovely Jurnee Smollett.   Well, you’re going to get more of her from the next Tyler Perry film, “The Marriage Counselor.” This is the third film that Perry has shot this year.  Two others are also coming out, “Good Deeds,” and “I, Alex Cross.”  Perry is the star in both of these films. The Smollett film is a collab with Lionsgate…

Move Over Tyler Perry, Shonda Rhimes Sells Another Show To ABC

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On the heels of another African American Hollywood powerhouse Shonda Rhimes has repotedly sold another drama to ABC! This one titled The Circle, will be an hour-long, is said to be “part soap, part conspiracy thriller,” according to THR.   The drama follows ten friends, adopted as children by a billionaire philanthropist, who begin to question their past when one of their own is murdered   It was just a week ago that…

Baby Survives Being Shot In Face But Still Has A Long Way To Go!!: (Video)

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  When a baby is shot in the face, there’s nothing you can do but cry.  But this little girl is fighting on, which tells the rest of us what we need to do.  She lost her left eye, but the community is coming together to help her.  You should help too, and you can do so with the information below – you can send donations to the following address,…

No lunch on the weekends for Texas Prisoners

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After outlawing special last-meal requests for prisoners on death row, the Texas prison system has now gone one better: They’re outlawing meals, period, for everyone. Since April, the New York Times reports, inmates have not been provided lunches on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s a cost-cutting measure: an effort to trim $2.8 million in food-related expenses from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s 2011 budget, which makes up just a small part of the state’s…