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October 16, 2011

Herman Cain goes head-to-head with Bill Clinton

Watch Herman Cain and Bill Clinton Go at it In a Public Debate

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Herman Cain tries to hold his own in a public debate with Bill Clinton. Both men are cool as cucumbers and make their points well. You might not like Herman Cain, but it’s hard to call him a dummy. click to watch

Martin Luther King Memorial fails to mention the word "black"

Intentional? MLK Memorial Does Not Mention the Words “Racism” or “Black”

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World Not meaning to be picky or to challenge those who worked with corporations to fund the Memorial built in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, but I had to mention this.  Someone sent me a message today stating that he’d been told during a meeting with the heads of the committee to build the memorial that race and racial inequality had been…

would martin luther king attend his memorial dedication ceremony?

Dr. Boyce: 5 Questions Dr. King Might Ask About His Memorial

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It only makes sense that we show respect for those who have chosen to participate in the Martin Luther King Memorial Dedication ceremonies this week. Millions of Americans truly appreciate the legacy of Dr. King, and their involvement in the ceremony is reflective of this sentiment. So, my desire not to participate in the commemoration is out of respect for Dr. King’s principles, but with full understanding of those who…

Pastor’s Wife Keeps it a Little Too Real on Family Fued (VIDEO)

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Lol: Family Feud: Name Something You Put In Your Mouth, But Don’t Swallow! (Pastors Wife Gives A Good Answer)

Beating Video at McDonald’s Goes Viral (Video)

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A disturbing video of a McDonald’s cashier beating customers with a rod in New York’s Greenwich village has made national news headlines after being posted to YouTube on Thursday. The video, which has been viewed nearly 500,000 times, shows two female customers jumping over the counter of the West 3rd St restaurant during an argument over their order. Rayon McIntosh, the cashier, was charged with felony assault charges and criminal possession of…

Drake’s Comedic Appearance On SNL (VIDEO)

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  Drake allowed himself to be the butt of a few jokes on Saturday Night Live as their musical guest. In a series of parodies  he suffered through everything from “A Sarcastic Interview With Drake” to a “Matching Sweater Interview with Drake.” Nice to see Aubrey has a sense of humor.

Tackling Infant Mortality Rates Among African Americans

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Amanda Ralph is the kind of woman whose babies are prone to die. She is young and poor and dropped out of school after the ninth grade. But there is also an undeniable link between Ms. Ralph’s race — she is black — and whether her baby will survive: nationally, black babies are more than twice as likely as white babies to die before the age of 1. Here in…

Exonerated inmate wins professional boxing debut at age 52

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 The story of Dewey Bozella is one that either tells you that anything is possible, or that 52-year old men shouldn’t be getting into the ring.  No matter how you look at it, his professional boxing debut has started off good.   After spending 26 years in prison for something he didn’t do, perhaps the man deserves the chance to do whatever he wants.   52-year-old cruiserweight who spent 26…

Settlement Money Given To Meter Reader Who Was Arrested For Being Black

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Braidwood, Illinois calls itself a red carpet community, which suggests that visitors to the tiny town should expect to be treated like celebrities. Does not apply to brown-skinned visitors, though! In that case you might expect to be treated like a criminal, at least by some of the local cops. An expert on this matter is Christina Jones—a brown-skinned woman who visited Braidwood for work-related reasons in August 2005 and was…

Jay-Z Says “I Would Pay More Taxes!”

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Jay-Z has done it again!  Last night, GlobalGrind’s bossman, Russell Simmons, after an amazing event with Rick Rubin at the New York Public Library celebrating the 25 years of Def Jam Recordings, hit up The Spotted Pig restaurant in New York City to celebrate with the entire Def Jam crew.  The “Watch The Throne” superstar joined Russell and company at dinner and during dinner admitted to Russell something that puts him in…